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Facebook Gets Archived Stories, Cloud Saving, And Voice Posts

Facebook is bringing three new features to its mobile app, one of which raises concerns about data privacy. Would you be willing to use Facebook as a photo storage in the cloud?

Apps/Software May 17, 2018

Facebook Kills Messenger Day, Merges It With Facebook Stories

Facebook has officially killed Messenger Day, but not really. It has merged Messenger Day with Facebook Stories and now simply calls it Stories, a consolidated cross-platform version of its two Snapchat clones.

Apps/Software November 14, 2017

Instagram Stories Can Soon Be Shared On Facebook Because No One Seems To Be Using Facebook Stories

Instagram users might soon have the option to share their Stories on Facebook. The move is seen as a way to pump blood into Facebook Stories, which hasn’t taken off quite well as Instagram Stories has.

Apps/Software September 7, 2017

Anonymous No More: Facebook Stories Shows Who’s Reading

Facebook rolled out its new Snapchat-like feature Stories on March 28. Anonymous snoopers better be careful because this feature displays the people who viewed posts.

Internet April 3, 2017

Facebook Launches Stories, Camera Effects And New Direct Inbox To Be More Like Snapchat

Facebook has officially launched Stories on its core app as well, along with some other new tricks borrowed from Snapchat. The Facebook mobile app is also getting a new camera experience and a special Direct inbox.

Internet March 28, 2017

Facebook Takes A Page From Snapchat's Playbook Again, Starts Testing 'Stories' Tool

Facebook has yet again taken another Snapchat feature and made it its own. It’s called Stories, borrowing the name from Instagram, and it features photos or videos that disappear after a day.

Apps/Software January 26, 2017

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