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Apple AirPower Wireless Charging Pad Reportedly Launching In March: What We Know So Far

Apple is allegedly going to release its AirPower wireless charging pad in March, according to a new report. The reported price, however, might shock you.


Google Assistant Is So Smart, It Will Soon Detect Multiple Languages Seamlessly

Google has announced a bunch of important updates for its Assistant platform. By the end of the year, the virtual assistant will understand 30 languages and recognize multilingual command prompts.


Ocean Acidification Is Tearing Down Carbonate Sands On Coral Reefs

A new study claims that carbonate sands, which are crucial in building coral reefs, are in danger of dissolving because of ocean acidification. Carbon emissions are the culprit, it seems.


You Can Now Leave Switch Game Reviews On Nintendo’s Site: Here’s How

Nintendo now allows customers to leave reviews for their favorite Switch games on the site. It’s a small but important step in the way Nintendo engages with its user base.

Video Games

NASA Developing New Spacesuits With A Built-In Toilet In Case Of Emergencies

NASA wants to make sure that astronauts can survive for six days while in their suits in case of spacecraft emergencies. So it’s including a built-in toilet in the design, but there are some problems.


The Cat S61 Is A $999 Android Smartphone That’s Not Even For You

Bullitt just unveiled that Cat S61, a rugged Android smartphone with a FLIR camera, air quality detector, and other nifty features built in. It might cost $999 when released in the United States later this year.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech

CDC Says Flu Season Appears To Have Peaked, But Activity Levels Still High

It appears the United States has gotten through one of the worst flu season s in recent memory. New data from the CDC shows that hospitalization rates from flu-related cases are on the decline.

Public Health

Heads Up, Galaxy S8 Users: Samsung Is Rolling Out Android Oreo Again Following Sudden Halt

Samsung has resumed rolling out Android Oreo for the Galaxy S8 after pausing them due to a bug that rebooted the phones all of a sudden. The rollout has resumed in Germany and will probably extend to other markets shortly.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech

E-Cig Vapors May Contain Brain-Damaging Toxic Metals, Says New Study

Researchers have determined that aerosol produced by e-cigarettes contain harmful metal toxins, furthering the debate on whether vaping is truly harmless. Nickel, chromium, lead, are just some of the harmful chemicals found.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 23, 2018

Airbnb Plus Is For Filthy Rich Travelers Who Don’t Mind Spending A Luxury On Nice Rooms

Airbnb has unveiled two new tiers to its home-booking service to cater to its richer customer base. They’re called Airbnb Plus and Beyond, and they include homes verified and checked by the company itself.

Apps/Software February 23, 2018

2 New Apple iPad Models Reportedly Launching Soon, But Don’t Get Excited Yet

Apple is reportedly releasing two new iPad models pretty soon. But a closer look tells us that it’s just going to release one, and it might not be the Face ID version everyone is hyped about.

Apple February 22, 2018

Snapchat To Petitioners: The Redesigned App Is Here To Stay, But We Hear You

Snap Inc. has finally responded to a million petitioners who want to get the old Snapchat design back. They’ll all be sorely disappointed with the company’s response, though.

Apps/Software February 22, 2018

Payday 2 On Nintendo Switch Will Get ‘Future Content Updates,’ Developers Confirm

Starbreeze Studios has now confirmed that the Nintendo Switch port of ‘Payday 2’ is based on an older version of the game. It also promised to release a series of updates after the game launches.

Video Games February 22, 2018

Antidepressants Work On Treating Major Depression, New Study Says

The largest study on the effectiveness of antidepressants has just been published, showing that they do work on treating major depressive disorders. However, depression remains a mystery.

Medicine February 22, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Uber Express Pool, The New Cheaper Service With A Catch

Uber rides are about to get much cheaper. The ride-hailing company has launched Express Pool in a handful of cities, which, with a little bit of walking, lets people save a lot of bucks.

Apps/Software February 22, 2018

What It Takes To Change Batteries: Customers Report Terrible Experiences With Apple’s Battery Replacement Program

Apple launched its iPhone battery replacement program after the company admitted that it was deliberately throttling older models to avoid too much battery strain. However, users are reporting that it’s not an easy process.

Apple February 22, 2018

Instagram Direct Gets New Replay Options As It Tries To Steals Snapchat’s Spotlight

Instagram is expanding options within its Direct messaging platform to give users the ability to send content that can be replayed permanently. Before, everything sent in threads always vanished.

Apps/Software February 21, 2018

You’ll Now Start Seeing 3D Content On Your Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook is now making it easier for users to share 3D content on the site. With support for the gITF 2.0 3D file format, prepare to see a lot more 3D objects on Facebook moving forward.

Internet February 21, 2018

HPV Vaccination Rates Among American Teens Still Low: Why It’s Important To Get The Vaccine

The number of American teenagers who receive HPV vaccinations are still low, according to a new research. Only a measly 43 percent of them are up to date on the vaccines, in fact.

Public Health February 21, 2018

Spotify Reportedly Building Its Very Own Connected Hardware Products

It looks like Spotify is this close to launching its very first hardware product, according to just-spotted job listings. Could the streaming service be building its own smart speaker?

Gadgets February 21, 2018

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