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Research Says Internet, Mobile Devices Promote Positive Lifestyle Changes

Adopting a healthy lifestyle takes work. According to researchers, however, people are likelier to adopt positive lifestyle changes when they have help from internet- and mobile-based programs.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 1, 2016

New Apple Product Category Could Launch Next Year As Health-Focused Wearable, But Not An Apple Watch

Rumors surfaced that Apple is building a new wearable product line that will put the health of its users before anything else. The health-oriented gizmos were purportedly described as different from the Apple Watch, raising even more questions.

Apple August 10, 2016

Feeling Sick? Google Will Help Diagnose Your Illness With New Symptom Search

Google introduced a new feature to improve results of symptom-related searches. The search giant collaborated with medical doctors as well as experts from Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic for its symptom search.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 21, 2016

Stay Healthy With iOS: Apple CareKit Launches With Four Health Apps

Apple’s CareKit open source framework for health apps already saw attention from developers. Four health apps are now live on the platform, and they cover afflictions from diabetes to depression.

Apps/Software April 28, 2016

Microsoft Health App Now Lets You Get Fit Competitively Thanks To Latest Update

Microsoft just updated its Health app for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. One of the added features allow users to motivate each other by sharing information about their workout routines, getting fit competitively.

Apps/Software April 5, 2016

Top New Year's Resolutions We Can All Relate To And Should All Do

2015 gallops away from us and many are left wondering what the next year will bring. We compiled a list of New Year's resolutions to try out in 2016, and it was tailored for the most tech savvy of you.

Society December 31, 2015

Best Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions: Losing Weight, Quitting Smoking And More

People usually find it difficult to follow through with their New Year's resolutions. Here are some apps that will help users with some of the more common (and commonly broken) resolutions.

Apps/Software December 25, 2015

10 Best Fitness And Health Apps For The Apple Watch

There are currently over 10,000 apps you can download for your Apple Watch. We have sorted through them all and selected the 10 best fitness and health apps for the wearable device.

Apps/Software December 3, 2015

Smartphone App Can Be Used To Control Blood Pressure

A new smartphone app may assist patients with hypertension to self-monitor their blood pressure. Aside from encouraging self-reports, the tool also sends out daily health reminders and encouragements to patients, empowering them towards better health.

Life November 28, 2015

Researchers Develop New App That Can Help Seniors Live Better

Experts at the University of Notre Dame created a new app that could help seniors live better. Called eSeniorCare, the new app not only tracks health goals, but also promotes communication between health care providers and their patients.

Life November 24, 2015

Samsung's S Health Is Now Available On All Android Phones

Samsung's in-house health and fitness tracking app S Health is now available on all Android smartphones.

Apps/Software September 18, 2015

Need To See A Doctor? Here Are The Best Apps For On-Demand Health Care

Reduce your wait time and get all your questions answered by using the best health apps for when you are in need of a doctor.

Feature January 28, 2015

Physicians Rate Best Health Apps of 2014

Health apps have now been ranked by physicians, providing the most comprehensive list ever developed of applications for wellness. Which ones came out on top?

Apps/Software January 21, 2015

Under Armour Partners with HTC for New Record Fitness App

Under Armour and HTC have announced a partnership that aims to integrate the UA Record fitness software platform in future wearables and mobile phones of HTC. The announcement was made at CES 2015.

Apps/Software January 9, 2015

Do Weight Loss Apps Really Work?

According to a new study, weight loss app do not guarantee user's will lose weight. However, the app is effective for those who commit to making healthy choices.

Internet Culture November 18, 2014

Apple HealthKit vs. Google Fit: Matter of features or brand loyalty?

Now, more than ever, your health is in your hands. Keep fit and healthy with apps developed with help from the Apple HealthKit and Google Fit platforms.

Apps/Software September 30, 2014

Jawbone Up now compatible with iPhone, Android Wear, Fitbit and even iWatch

Jawbone opens its software and makes it accessible to other devices. The move is to be able to accelerate sales of its ergonomic wristbands that track a person’s activity.

Wearable Tech September 10, 2014

ECG, heart monitor on mobile device? U.S. FDA gives startups thumbs up

FDA gives the go-signal for two startups in Silicon Valley. The startups deal with creating mobile applications that can track the patient’s health condition even when he’s just at home.

Life August 31, 2014

Bionic pancreas may help Type 1 diabetics

Type 1 diabetes could soon be controlled by a bionic pancreas users keep in their pocket, and operate with a smartphone.

Life June 17, 2014

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