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Data From Electronic Toys Leaked, Adds To List Of Hacker Vulnerable Devices

CloudPets join the ranks of toys targetted by hackers. Multiple toy hacking incidents add children's toys to the list of hacker-vulnerable devices along with medical devices and smart home appliances.

Security March 3, 2017

CES 2017 Highlights: Comcast Plans To Turn 15 Million Homes Into 'Digital Homes'

Comcast has announced a new 'Digital Home' solution at CES 2017, aiming to connect 15 million homes by the end of the year. The Advanced Wireless Gateway promises an easy and secure connection to manage all connected devices, so here's the deal.

Smart Home January 5, 2017

CES 2017 Biggest Trends To Shake The Scene This Year: Mobile Chipsets, Auto News, PCs, VR, IoT And More

A new year has kicked into gear and CES 2017 is just around the corner to get us started on a new tech journey. From VR to IoT, auto news, PCs, mobile chipsets and more, here are the major CES trends we expect this year.

January 2, 2017

Chinese Company Recalls Hacked DVRs, Webcams Used In Massive Dyn DDOS Attack

Hangzhou Xiongmai, a Chinese hardware company, has recalled many of its cameras and DVRs after they were implicated in the hack that took down several prominent websites on Friday. The hack is due to hackers taking advantage of weak default passwords in IoT devices.

Internet October 27, 2016

Chinese Firm Confirms Its DVRs, Internet-Connected Cameras Were Pawns In Friday's DDoS Attack

A Chinese electronics maker confirmed that its DVRs and internet-connected cameras were used as pawns in Friday's massive DDoS attack. Mirai malware-powered botnets were behind at least some of the disruption that took down Reddit, Netflix, Twitter and others.

Security October 23, 2016

Internet Service Recovering After Cyberattacks That Took Down Twitter, Netflix, Reddit And More, But Should We Brace For Worse?

A wave of at least two cyberattacks destabilized the internet and crippled major websites such as Netflix, Reddit, Spotify, Twitter and others. Services have resumed, but these massive DDoS attacks on DNS servers are just the beginning.

Security October 21, 2016

Microsoft, GE Team Up To Develop Industrial IoT Cloud

The first of the efforts made by the newly established partnership between Microsoft and GE has been unveiled to the public. Both companies are in the works of targeting industrial sectors by providing IoT capabilities to these fields.

Microsoft July 12, 2016

Samsung To Pour $1.2 Million Into IoT Research And Startups In US

Samsung revealed its investment plans for the next four years, and it is something to behold. The company told the media about its plans to inject $1.2 billion into IoT-friendly U.S. startups and more.

Business Tech June 23, 2016

Samsung Dives Deeper Into Big Data And The Cloud With Joyent Acquisition: Why This Matters

Samsung recently bought Joyent, and the two companies will join forces to provide the OEM with the cloud storage technologies that it could not build on its own.

Computers June 16, 2016

Intel Diving Deeper Into IoT And Self-Driving Cars With Itseez Computer Vision Startup Acquisition

Intel continues its push toward a future-proof place in the market with the acquisition of Itseez, a computer vision and machine learning startup. The company is not at its first deal of the sort, but not everyone wins from it.

Car Tech May 27, 2016

Connected Labs To Host Hackathon Promoting The Use Of The IBM Watson IoT Platform

Connected Lab will host a smart device hackathon for the purpose of creating chat bots.

Smart Home May 11, 2016

Report: Garage Door Openers Are The Most Frequently-Used Smart Home Devices

According to a report, smart garage doors, locks and security cameras are the smart devices that are used most.

Smart Home May 11, 2016

IoT Platform Provider Soracom Raises $22M in Its Series B Round of Funding, Looks to Expand Into U.S. And Beyond

Its platform is already being used in products including Canon multifunction printers and Edy, a contactless payment card.

Business Tech May 11, 2016

The Nex Band Lets Users Hack And Control Smart Devices From Their Wrist

This wearable called the Nex Band allows users to program connected devices via hacks in its app to be able to control devices and manage apps from their wrists.

Wearable Tech April 4, 2016

Samsung Steps Up IoT Game With Internet Of Trousers: Get Smarts On The Wi-Fly

Samsung took the world by surprise with its latest Internet of Trousers wearable line. Among the highlight features, the smart pants can save you a lot of embarrassment by sending well-timed alerts about the status of your zipper.

Wearable Tech April 1, 2016

Kuvée Wants You To Drink Wine In Style: Meet The World's First Smart Wine Bottle

Kuvée rolled out the first smart wine bottle in the world. Cabernet or Merlot enthusiasts can use the device to keep wine fresh for 30 days, and Wi-Fi integration should be able to improve every dinner party.

Gadgets March 29, 2016

Samsung To Unveil New IoT Operating System In April

Samsung is gearing up to unveil a new real time operating system in April. The unnamed OS is crafted with ‘Internet of Things’ capabilities in mind, and could give the OEM an edge in the home appliances’ sector.

Apps/Software March 26, 2016

Mozilla Announces The End Of Firefox OS Smartphone Support

Mozilla revealed that the development of its Firefox OS on smartphone will end after its version 2.6 release, and will instead focus on the IoT space.

Apps/Software February 4, 2016

Myth Busters, Harvard Edition: Harvard Study Makes Compelling Argument On Encryption And 'Going Dark' Government Fears

A Harvard study showed that the government’s fears about terrorists and criminals going off the radar are unfounded. The report, to which prominent security experts contributed, explained that we are actually heading toward a less encrypted, easy-to-surveil world.

Apps/Software February 2, 2016

Here's A City-Dwelling Electric Scooter Hooked Up To AT&T's IoT System

Created by Mahindra GenZen in collaboration with AT&T, the Vespa-like urban commuting vehicle hooks up to the Internet of Things (IoT), letting the scooter exchange data with AT&T products like Global SIM and the AT&T Control Center.

Automotive Tech January 4, 2016

Orange Teams Up With Ericsson To Test New Network For Internet Of Things Devices

Orange is partnering with Ericsson to launch a series of trials which will be focused on three considerable areas for Internet of Things. The tests they are going to conduct are hoped to boost indoor coverage, lower the costs of IoT devices and lengthen battery life.

Internet November 26, 2015

IoT Rise Paves The Way To Faster Bluetooth With Four Times Wider Range In 2016

The Bluetooth SIG announced exciting updates for the Bluetooth standard. In 2016, Bluetooh will be two times faster and quadruple its range, better positioning itself as the backbone of the rapidly-growing IoT.

FUTURE TECH November 12, 2015

The Internet Of Things To See 30 Percent Boost With 6.4B Connected Devices In 2016: Gartner

A Gartner report described the fast paced increase in the Internet of Things market. Estimations counted 6.4 billion devices come 2016 and more than triple until 2020. The IoT spending services were also evaluated in the Gartner analysis.

FUTURE TECH November 11, 2015

IBM Arms Itself For The Future By Creating A New Internet Of Things Division

IBM has recently launched its new Internet Of Things unit. It also said it will officially introduce its Education Division later this year.

Business September 16, 2015

$11 Trillion: Potential Economic Impact Of Internet Of Things By 2025

A new report from the McKinsey Global Institute reveals that the IoT market has a potential economic impact estimated to reach a whopping $4 trillion to $11 trillion a year by 2025.

Internet July 1, 2015

UW Project Seeks To Power IoT Using Wi-Fi Signals: Hello, Po-Wi-Fi

Researchers have developed a way to draw out the small amount of power passed along in Wi-Fi broadcasts. To prove the tech works, the researchers wirelessly powered a fitness tracker from up to 28 feet away.

FUTURE TECH June 8, 2015

Hands-On With Control4 And Interview With Smart Home Company's CEO Martin Plaehn

We chatted with Control4's Martin Plaehn to learn more about his company that manages your smart home all through a single app and what makes them unique compared to other options out there.

FUTURE TECH June 2, 2015

Awair Is A Smart Home Air Quality Checker That Connects With Smart Thermostats, Purifiers, And Humidifiers

Bitfinder has launched Awair, which can track indoor air quality and connect with other smart devices to achieve optimal air conditions.

FUTURE TECH May 29, 2015

Cisco Making Preparations For Tackling IoT With Tropo Purchase

Cisco has acquired Tropo, which provides cloud-based API platforms. Thanks to the acquisition, Cisco will be able to offer a 'collaboration platform-as-a-service.'

Deals May 9, 2015

Facebook F8 Conference News: Parse Launches Internet Of Things SDKs

Parse, owned by Facebook, has announced a number of new features to its platform, most of which relate to the Internet of Things, a market that the company will be focusing on more heavily from now on.

Internet March 25, 2015

Top 5 Internet Of Things Devices To Expect In The Future

The Internet of Things is set to take off, with connected devices likely to become a big part of our daily lives in the future. But what kinds of connected devices can we expect in the future?

Internet February 8, 2015

Windows 10 Will Support Raspberry Pi 2: Grab It Free Via Windows Developer Program For IoT

Microsoft announced that the latest version of its Windows 10 OS will support the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s new released board. The company will also make the OS available through its Windows Developer Program for IoT absolutely free.

Apps/Software February 3, 2015

FTC Tells IoT Players: Shore Up Data Security, Consumer Privacy Protection

Federal agency issues recommendations stating Internet of Things vendors and service providers have a responsibility to protect consumers. Trust is paramount for the IoT to flourish, says FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez.

FUTURE TECH January 27, 2015

Amazon Cloud Facing Data Tsunami, Competitive Challenges as IoT Looms

Amazon is enjoying a leadership role in the cloud storage market, but sustainability is a big question given cloud storage is fast becoming a commodity. The data tsunami coming with the Internet of Things could potentially dethrone the e-tailer web services business, say industry watchers.

Business January 23, 2015

Samsung CES 2015 Keynote: All About the Internet of Things (Video)

Samsung didn't unveil the Galaxy S6 at its CES 2015 keynote address, but the CEO instead spoke in great detail about the 'Internet of Things' and encouraged companies to be more open to make it happen.

Internet January 6, 2015

Wearables May One Day Live Inside, Not Outside, the Human Body

Wearable tech is all the rage, but could the future of fitness trackers live inside the body? Some suggest yes, with Proteus Digital Health having developed a pill that can track fitness and health while being as small as a BB pellet.

Wearable Tech December 16, 2014

Intel Outs IoT Platform to Push for Internet of Things Development, Strategy

The Internet of Things is a burgeoning market, developing at a quick pace. For this reason, Intel is unveiling its IoT platform, an amalgamation of software and hardware solutions to fast-track innovation for Intel customers.

Business December 10, 2014

Life After Nokia: ARMed and Reloading

Successive rounds of post-acquisition restructuring resulted in 12,000 job cuts at Nokia in one summer. The cuts ran deep and the wounds aren't all healed, but high-tech firms like ARM's IoT division are helping Oulu and the rest of Finland reach a new era of prosperity.

Business December 8, 2014

Bluetooth 4.2 Promises Faster, Heftier Performance and Greater Security to Boot

The latest version of the Bluetooth protocol makes smart things even more capable of executing intelligent tasks. Bluetooth version 4.2 is also faster and more secure than 4.1.

Internet December 3, 2014

Life After Nokia: Finland Oulu's Second Miracle Takes Shape

Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia dealt a solid blow to Finland's technology industry, but the country to the east of the Baltic Sea is poised for another economic boom. Tech Times speaks with the CEO of BusinessOulu to find out how the Nokia buyout affected Oulu and what the city's future looks like. This is part one of a two-part series on Finland's tech industry rebound.

Business November 18, 2014

Nokia Prepping New Hardware? Rumors Swirl as Former Handset Maker Launches Teasers

'We're up to something' says Nokia of a teaser image that depicts what appears to be a set-top box. The timing of the teaser and the use of Nokia's logo suggests the former handset maker had some role in the development of the box, though Nokia's CEO recently said the company had no licensing deals in the works.

Gadgets November 17, 2014

Samsung Intends To Be In The Thick Of Internet Of Things

Developers were invited to get aboard the Internet of Things bandwagon at the Samsung Developer Conference 2014. Samsung is betting big on its SmartThings and Tizen platforms, but it needs developers to produce apps that draw consumers.

Internet November 12, 2014

Netgear's Arlo security camera can battle harsh elements in smart home monitoring

Netgear has announced a smart home security camera system called Arlo, which offers a wireless camera system that lasts from four to six months on a single charge and can withstand wind and rain. It's likely just the first of many smart home devices coming from Netgear.

FUTURE TECH November 5, 2014

Internet of Things gets an OS all its own, thanks to ARM

ARM has announced a new operating system called mbed OS, made specifically for devices that are part of the Internet of Things. This is the first software that aims to tie together all IoT devices.

Apps/Software October 1, 2014

Telecoms, services providers playing a niche role in the emergence of the smart home

The smart home race isn't only about hardware and software manufacturers. Telecoms and home security companies could help smart home products stay secure, connected and up-to-date.

FUTURE TECH September 26, 2014

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