NASA James Webb Space Telescope Out Of Cryogenic Testing Chamber

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is ready to undergo the next round of testing. It recently completed a hundred day test in a vacuum chamber at the Johnson Space Center.

Space December 5, 2017

James Webb Space Telescope Getting Ready For 2018 Launch

The James Webb Space Telescope is being readied for its 2018 launch and is in its final stages of inspection. The telescope is scheduled to be lifted off from Kourou, French Guiana, in 2018.

Space April 2, 2017

View The James Webb Space Telescope - The Successor To Hubble

The 18-mirror main reflector of the James Webb Telescope was revealed for the first time since construction on the network of mirrors was completed. Why are astronomers so excited about this upcoming space-based observatory?

Space April 28, 2016

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