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Planetary Field Researcher Finds 3 Space Rocks From Michigan Meteor

Dozens of space rock hunters flocked to Hamburg Township looking for meteorites worth thousands of dollars each. Unfortunately, not all of them know exactly where to look for extraterrestrial treasure.


Meteor Lights Up Night Sky Over Michigan, Visible From 5 US States And Canada

A meteor caused a loud explosion and a brilliant flash of light to occur in the night skies over Michigan on Jan. 16. The meteor was so intense that its brightness was seen from across five U.S. states including Canada.

Space January 18, 2018

Quadrantids To Peak This Week: When To See The First Meteor Shower Of 2018

Astronomers forecasted 2018 to open with a display of the Quadrantids, an annual meteor shower peaking this week. When and where is the best time to view this celestial event?

Space January 3, 2018

New Jersey Fireball Captured By Police Dash Cam Is Indeed A Meteor

A fireball streaking across the New Jersey sky was captured by a police dash cam. Now the American Meteor Society has confirmed that it's indeed a meteor.

Space December 10, 2017

WATCH: Meteor Lights Up Night Sky In Finland

A live stream of the aurora borealis became even more incredible when a meteor passed and lit up the night sky. Fireball events were also seen in Germany, France, and the United States.

Earth/Environment November 19, 2017

Is This Proof Of Aliens And UFOs? Bright Meteor Light Seen Across Phoenix Sky

A fireball was seen streaking across the sky of Phoenix on Tuesday night, fueling conspiracy theories that this could be evidence of aliens and UFOs. What do astronomers say?

Space November 16, 2017

New Study Shows Water-Rich History Of Mars

An original hydrogen-containing mineral was found in the Red Planet's meteorite. The found mineral shows the planet's possible water-rich history and exposes a potential breeding ground of life on its surface.

Space March 8, 2017

What Causes The Crackling Sounds Made By Meteors?

A team of scientists in New Mexico sought out to investigate what causes the crackling sounds made by meteors when they fall to Earth. Researchers suggest such a phenomenon may be created by light.

Space February 8, 2017

Asteroid Barely Missed Earth When It Flew By Closer Than The Moon On Monday

An asteroid about the same size as the Chelyabinsk meteor flew by Earth at a proximity equivalent to about half the distance between our planet and the moon. The space rock was discovered only two days before it whizzed by.

Space January 10, 2017

Massive Fireball Streaks Across East Coast, Seen From DC To Canada

The American Meteor Society received more than 700 reports after a massive fireball was observed streaking across the sky over the East Coast. Because of the huge number of eyewitnesses, the occurrence is hailed as one of the 'top 10 events of the year.'

Space October 6, 2016

Suspected Meteor Explodes Over Cyprus

Officials in Cyprus are investigating reports regarding a meteor streaking across the sky on Sept. 9. Eyewitnesses say the object's appearance was followed by a loud explosion and shaking of the ground.

Space September 10, 2016

Bizarre Meteorite - First Of Its Kind - Unearthed In Sweden

A quarry in Sweden is the resting place of a meteorite unlike any ever seen on Earth. What is the history and geology of this bizarre extinct meteorite?

Ancient June 16, 2016

Fireball That Passed Through Portland Night Sky Captured On Video

A police sergeant in Portland was spending a fairly normal Tuesday night at work when something incredible happened: a bright, burning object hurtled through the sky. Was it a meteor?

May 19, 2016

What Was Killing Off Dinosaurs Before The Giant Asteroid Hit?

Dinosaurs were in decline for tens of millions of years before the Earth was struck by an asteroid, ending their dominion over the planet. What was killing off dinosaurs near the end of their reign?

Animals April 19, 2016

Lyrid Meteor Shower: When And How To Watch

Everything you need to know about the annual Lyrid meteor shower, an astronomical feat waiting to happen sometime between April 16 and 25. The burst of Lyrids is a stellar phenomenon, an event worth to be witnessed.

Space April 14, 2016

Massive Meteor Blazes Across UK Skies On St Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick's Day, residents in the United Kingdom saw a massive meteor blazing across the sky. The meteor emitted a bluish-green light at around 3:16 a.m. GMT.

Space March 19, 2016

Earth Bombarded By Multiple Meteors 790,000 Years Ago, Researchers Find

Tektites tell the tale of a series of impacts that struck Earth 790,000 years before our own time. A new dating technique answers questions on their source, but also asks a vital question.

Space February 24, 2016

Giant Fireball Falls Over Atlantic But Almost No One Notices

A giant fireball crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, but it almost went unnoticed. The fireball was said to be the largest to hit Earth since the Chelyabinsk explosion.

Space February 23, 2016

Bright Light Streaks California, Nevada And Arizona Night Sky - What Was That?

The nature of the bright light that was visible from California, Nevada and Arizona recently was finally revealed. Calming rumors from social media, officials from the government declared that the mysterious light was not a UFO, an airplane or a meteor.

FUTURE TECH December 24, 2015

Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Nov. 18: Here's How And When To Watch

The Leonid meteor shower happens every year during the month of November. In this year's shower, spectators are advised to view its peak on Nov. 18 between midnight and dawn to prevent city lights from interfering with the view.

Space November 16, 2015

Mysterious Fireball Seen Over Georgia: Meteor, UFO, Or Space Junk?

A bright light seen streaking over Georgia on Monday was speculated as a UFO, meteorite and space junk. NASA finally confirmed what this bright and colorful object is.

Space June 30, 2015

Scientists Study What Happens Underground When Meteors Or Missiles Strike

Researchers used artificial soil and sand in order to simulate how missiles and meteors strike underground. High-speed cameras also made it possible to see what happens below the ground in slow motion.

Geek April 13, 2015

Largest Ever Meteorite Crater Discovered In Australian Outback: What Really Happened?

The largest asteroid impact zone in the world has been uncovered. When was it formed, and what mysteries about the feature remain to be answered?

March 23, 2015

Amateur Photographer Snaps Mesmerizing Meteor Over Loch Ness

"I will never take a picture like that again" — John Alasdair Macdonald captures a shooting star by accident.

Space March 17, 2015

Colorado Sky Sees Mysterious Fireball

A bright green fireball lit up the pre-dawn sky over Colorado on March 11. What did people see?

March 11, 2015

500-Pound Meteor Flew Over Pittsburgh Last Night

A meteor weighing 500 pounds raced over the skies of Pittsburgh. How much danger do these events present to humans?

February 18, 2015

The Top 10 Space Stories of January 2015: Andromeda, Ceres, Mars and More

From the highest resolution photo we've ever seen of the Andromeda Galaxy to a new solar system with five Earth-like planets, January 2015 has been a busy month for space exploration.

Space January 30, 2015

Reading a Meteorite Like It's a Hard Drive from Space

Peering inside a meteorite yields clues to what goes on in the magnetic core of our own planet, researchers say. Findings suggest the ultimate fate of Earth's magnetic field, they suggest.

Space January 21, 2015

Meteor Streaks Through Bucharest Night Sky, Explosion Turns Night to Day [Video]

A meteor turned night into day as it flew over Bucharest, Romania. Security cameras from different parts of the city recorded the flash of light.

Space January 10, 2015

How Did Asteroids Affect Life on Earth? Hayabusa 2 Mission to Look for Answers

The Hayabusa 2 mission will study a carbonaceous chondrite asteroid for clues about the formation of life on Earth. This mission picks up where the original Hayabusa mission left off.

Space December 1, 2014

Magnetic Field Trace in Ancient Meteorite May Answer How our Solar system Was Formed

Pristine relic from the earliest period of our solar system has clues to how planets formed, researchers say. Intense magnetic field may have had an effect on our sun's protoplanetary disk, examination of ancient meteorite suggests.

Space November 15, 2014

Meteorite Tells Story of Early Solar System's Extreme Magnetic Field

A team of researchers recently studied the magnetic field in ancient particles of a meteorite. From this, the team was able to estimate the strength of the magnetic field close to the dawn of the solar system.

Space November 14, 2014

Texas night sky lit up by brilliant fireball: Was it a meteor or something else?

A bright green light was seen across Texas streaking across the skies on Saturday night, which was followed by the shaking of the ground. Authorities have not yet determined where the fireball has landed.

Space November 11, 2014

Meteor brighter than the moon streaks through Texas sky

A meteor flew over Texas Saturday night. This fireball burned five times brighter than the moon, and was reported to the American Meteor Society by over 200 observers.

Space November 10, 2014

Fireballs streak across U.S. and Japan skies, but what exactly are they?

Monday night, three separate fireballs streaked across the sky in the U.S., with another fireball reportedly seen over Japan. But exactly what are these fireballs and where do they come from?

Geek November 5, 2014

Fireballs streak through the skies: Here's where people enjoyed the light shows

Meteor over Japan creates impressive light show as it streaks through nighttime skies. Another meteor also witnessed over the U.S. East Coast.

Space November 4, 2014

Mystery of Earth's water origin finally solved? It may be older than you think

Water is believed to have come late after the Earth had formed. Findings of a new study, however, suggest that the water on the planet is older than previously believed.

Animals October 31, 2014

Orionids meteor shower expected on Tuesday morning (courtesy Halley's Comet): Here's how and when you can watch it

Those who want to make a wish on a shooting star have the best opportunity early Tuesday as the Orionid meteor shower peaks. Skygazers constrained by light pollution and cloudy skies also have an option to get the best view.

Space October 21, 2014

NASA goal of identifying 90 percent of dangerous asteroids will fall dangerously short, IG warns

In a report, NASA Inspector General Paul Martin said that NASA will not be able to meet its congress-ordered goal of identifying 90 percent of near-Earth objects that are at least 460 feet by 2020 given its pace and resources. So far, NASA has only identified 10 percent of these asteroids.

Space September 17, 2014

Meteorite smashes into Nicaragua, leaving crater in Managua: Big BOOM stuns local people

The Nicaraguan capital of Managua was hit by an asteroid on 6 Sept., forming a crater that could have swallowed a house.

Space September 9, 2014

Perseid meteor shower to grace tonight’s sky, if clouds don’t crash the party

If you missed the Perseid meteor shower yesterday, try to catch it tonight. The biggest meteor shower of the year will shine at its brightest from 3-4 a.m. tonight at your local time.

Space August 12, 2014

Fireball flying through Australia's skies was Russian rocket debris

The site of a fireball streaking across the sky in Australia cause alarm. But it wasn't an alien invasion, just metal pieces from a Russian rocket.

Space July 19, 2014

Crater forms in Siberia 260 feet across - what caused the hole at the end of the world?

A crater formed in Siberia two years ago, and has just now been spotted. What caused the hole at "the end of the world?"

Animals July 18, 2014

2014 HQ124 asteroid 'The Beast' will blow Earth a kiss on Sunday: Time to panic?

Asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will make a close fly-by of Earth on June 8. The space rock will pass within just under a million miles.

Space June 7, 2014

Chelyabinsk asteroid was result of massive collision of two space rocks, scientists say

The asteroid that exploded over Russia in 2013 injuring more than a 1,000 people, may have been involved in a collision long ago, say researchers.

Space May 25, 2014

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