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Study Of Blood Sucking Kissing Bugs Could Help Control Chagas Disease

Researchers study the vector mostly linked to Chagas disease. Kissing bugs carry the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi and the study aims to determine certain characteristics these bugs have to develop effective insect control methods in the future.

Life November 18, 2015

5 More Tennessee Counties Have Been Included In Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine

Tennessee has become more infested with emerald ash borers as five more counties have been included in the quarantine list. Authorities are encouraging the public to help halt the spread of the parasite by following simple measures in firewood use.

Earth/Environment July 31, 2015

CDC Warns Of Swimming Pool Parasite Cryptosporidium: Signs, Symptoms, And Prevention

Cryptosporidium can survive for 10 days or more in chlorine-treated water. Here's what you should know about this parasite.

Life June 27, 2015

From parasite to powerhouse: Mitochondria has come a long way

The mitochondria, which serve as power house of the plant and animal cells were not as beneficial as they are today. The organelle has its humble origins as an energy-stealing parasite.

Life October 19, 2014

African flea uses unsuspecting backpacker's foot as incubator

All’s well that ends well. Or maybe not. One backpacker arrives home safe and sound but gets a surprise from a fellow backpacker: an African flea that burrowed in his foot to lay eggs.

Life October 5, 2014

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