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'Make Pluto A Planet Again,' 6-Year-Old Girl Tells NASA

A six-year-old girl from Ireland wrote to NASA, asking the space agency to 'make Pluto a planet again.' The little astronaut wannabe is now the most adorable member of the contingent pushing to give Pluto back its planetary status.

Space February 19, 2018

Liquid Oceans In Icy Bodies Expand Potential Worlds In The Solar System To Find Alien Life

Ice worlds beyond the orbit of Neptune known as Trans-Neptunian Objects may have liquid oceans beneath their icy surface, a NASA study suggested. If correct, this could impact our search for potentially habitable worlds in the Solar System.

Space December 3, 2017

Dwarf Planet Pluto Surface Features Get First Official Names

Pluto is getting the attention it deserves as the official names for 14 of its surface features were recently announced. Some of the dwarf planet's features were named after mythologies around the world.

Space September 8, 2017

Solar System Could Have More Than 100 Planets

A group of scientists is proposing a new definition that would classify celestial objects as planets. If the new criteria get adopted, the Solar System could be home of more than 100 planets, which would include the Earth's moon.

Space March 19, 2017

Official Name Themes For Pluto And Its Moons Get The Nod From IAU

The International Astronomical Union has approved the naming themes for features on Pluto, along with largest Pluto moon Charon and four smaller ones. Some themes continue focusing on the mythology of the underworld ruled by Roman god Pluto.

Space February 28, 2017

The Prodigal Planet: 5 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Pluto

If NASA’s proposal pushes through, Pluto could be a planet again. Check out five of the most interesting facts about this most-debated-about dwarf planet.

Space February 26, 2017

Make Pluto A Planet Again: NASA's New Definition For Planets May Reinstate Pluto

A team of scientists at NASA published a new proposal that aims to change the way planetary scientists define and classify planets. If approved, it means Pluto may be deemed a planet again.

Space February 21, 2017

Dwarf Planet Ceres Hiding Many Icy Volcanoes, Says Study

A new study on the dwarf planet Ceres has suggested that Ahuna Mons, the tall, icy volcano standing alone is the result of other peer volcanoes having flattened out after billions of years through a process called 'viscous relaxation.'

Space February 6, 2017

Ever Wondered What A Pluto Landing Would Be Like? Let NASA Show You

Getting to Pluto was one of NASA’s biggest achievements and the space agency has shared a video showing what the view would have been like if you were landing on the dwarf planet.

Space January 21, 2017

Water, Water, Anywhere? 3 Signs Of Water Ice On Other Planets And Asteroids

With the discovery of water ice on other planetary objects, scientists are abuzz over the probability of the presence of -- and the prospect of supporting -- life beyond the boundaries of planet Earth.

Space January 15, 2017

Earth-Like Icy Ridges Found On Pluto: What We Know About This Bladed Terrain So Far

Those icy ridges found on the Tartarus Dorsa region of Pluto are similar to the so-called penitentes on Earth, making it possible for the same features to exist elsewhere in the solar system, a new study has found.

Space January 6, 2017

Dwarf Planet Pluto Could Be Home To Life But Not What You Expect

Pluto is the smallest planet in our solar system, and the coldest as well. With that being the truth, researchers are attempting to find out if life could be sustained on the planet, especially in its oceans under the ice.

Space December 5, 2016

Slushy Ocean Lies Beneath Pluto's Icy Heart: How Does It Affect The Dwarf Planet?

A slushy ocean covered with layers of frozen nitrogen and water ice is likely hidden underneath Pluto’s iconic icy heart, a new study suggests. This subsurface ocean may explain the strange location of one of the dwarf planet’s regions.

Space November 16, 2016

NASA Finally Has All The Data From New Horizons Pluto Flyby In 2015

NASA's New Horizons Pluto mission has sent back the last bit of data on the Pluto flyby. Traveling 3.1 billion miles, the data had segments of the Pluto moon Charon captured by the Ralph/LEISA.

Space October 29, 2016

What’s Next After Pluto? Reddish Kuiper Belt Object New Target For NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft

The Pluto flyby mission revealed a destination beyond the dwarf planet exhibiting bright red colors. The observations suggest the formation is one of the oldest in our solar system.

Space October 19, 2016

New Dwarf Planet Discovered In The Solar System: A Friend For Pluto?

A new dwarf planet, named as 2014 UZ224 has been discovered and may join the club of five dwarf planets and give company to Pluto. The new dwarf’s discovery has already been confirmed by the International Astronomical Union.

Space October 12, 2016

Pluto Heart Suggests Dwarf Planet Has Underground Liquid Water Ocean

Pluto's heart-shaped region hints that a subsurface ocean exists on the dwarf planet. Simulations of an asteroid impact suggest this body of liquid water is at least 60 miles deep.

Space September 24, 2016

Pluto Emits X-Ray: Scientists Baffled How Dwarf Planet Releases Radiation

Observations made through NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory revealed Pluto emits X-rays. Why are astronomers puzzled by the radiation from the dwarf planet?

Space September 18, 2016

There's A Big Red Spot On Pluto's Moon Charon And Scientists Think They Know Why

The red spot at the north pole of Charon, the largest moon of Pluto, may have been produced by methane from the dwarf planet's atmosphere. How did this reddish region form?

Space September 15, 2016

NASA Visualizes How A Space Probe Would Land On Pluto [Video]

NASA is celebrating the first year anniversary of its successful New Horizons Pluto flyby with a new video released Thursday. The video allows viewers to imagine: what if a space probe touched down on the dwarf planet instead of passing by?

Space July 14, 2016

NASA Pluto Probe New Horizons To Fly By Another Object In The Kuiper Belt

2014 MU69 is believed to be one of the first building blocks of the Solar System and may shed light on planetary accretion. NASA's New Horizons is set to visit this icy Kuiper belt object by 2019.

Space July 4, 2016

Does Pluto Hide A Subsurface Ocean? NASA's New Horizons Hint Liquid Ocean Is Beneath Dwarf Planet's Icy Crust

A present-day liquid ocean could be hiding beneath the icy crust of Pluto. The dwarf planet would have shrunk if its ocean has completely frozen millions of years ago.

Space June 22, 2016

Odd Polygons Suggest Pluto Underwent A Face-Lift

Pluto is far more active than anyone believed. Now, astronomers have discovered the secret of mysterious polygons found on the surface.

Space June 2, 2016

Image Of A Lifetime From Pluto And New Horizons

New Horizons has imaged the surface of Pluto like never before, and likely never again within decades. What does this magnificent new photograph show?

Space May 29, 2016

New Horizons Images First Kuiper Belt Object Past Pluto

New Horizons has sent its first scientific data on an object beyond the orbit of Pluto. What do these new observations tell astronomers about objects at the edge of the solar system?

Space May 19, 2016

Nearly Pure Water Ice Coats Pluto Moon Hydra

Is Pluto a comet or a planet? The debate continues, but a new finding shows that its outermost moon, Hydra, is coated with nearly pure water ice.

Space May 9, 2016

Pluto Is Looking More Like A Planet After All

The New Horizons spacecraft reveals how solar wind interacts with Pluto. Much like about that distant body, the answer is bizarre.

Space May 8, 2016

Pluto's Strange Haze Might Be The Result Of Gravity Waves

What’s causing the haziness and streaks in the atmosphere of Pluto? NASA and the Horizons team decided to investigate and came up with a possible answer: gravity waves.

Space May 5, 2016

NASA Releases Most Intricate Map To Date Of Pluto's Frozen Surface

Months after the historic Pluto flyby, NASA's New Horizons space probe continues to send data from the dwarf planet. On Saturday, NASA released the most intricate map to date of Pluto's frozen surface.

Space May 3, 2016

Methane Ice On Pluto's 'Halo' Craters Baffles Astronomers

Scientists were left baffled after New Horizons released a new set of photos showing bright halo craters on Pluto. Why the craters made of methane ice were present in one of the regions is a mystery.

Space April 25, 2016

New Horizons Spots Bright 'Halo' Craters On Pluto

Pluto is glowing bright – or at least some of its craters are. NASA has recently shared an image of what could be halo-like craters in the dwarf planet, which may be caused by methane ice presence in their walls and rims.

Space April 24, 2016

Pluto May Be Hiding A Vast Ocean Beneath Its Icy Surface, New Horizons Reveals

A giant ocean appears to be hiding under the frozen surface of Pluto. What has the New Horizons revealed about the distant body?

Space April 10, 2016

Not Just A Big Heart: Pluto Reveals 'Giant Spider' On Its Icy Surface

After the heart and the snake, what else can you expect from Pluto? New Horizons' latest images suggest a spider and red deposits on its surface.

Space April 9, 2016

If Planet Nine Exists Then What Is It Like?

Planet nine may orbit in the depths of the solar system, frigid and massive. What would conditions be like on this frozen world?

Space April 7, 2016

Pluto's Heavy Heart Caused Entire Dwarf Planet To Tip Over

Pluto followed its own heart and tipped over. Researchers have theorized that the planet’s iconic, heart-shaped, crater-free, frozen region caused it to shift and become tidally locked with its largest moon Charon.

Space April 6, 2016

New Horizons Spot Remnants Of Frozen, Former Lake Of Liquid Nitrogen On Pluto

The distant dwarf planet just keeps on surprising the universe. A new high-resolution image from NASA revealed remnants of a frozen former lake on Pluto.

Space March 29, 2016

New Horizons Findings Show Pluto Has Tropical Region

While it's as frigid as it gets, Pluto has its own tropical zones. Scientists discussed at the Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference the dwarf planet's dynamic geological and geographical features - with many more data from the Pluto flyby in July 2015 to come.

Space March 22, 2016

New Horizons' Data Reveal Diverse Terrain Of Dwarf Planet Pluto

Pluto has a geographically diverse surface. Researchers said this is influenced by the dwarf planet's water ice and volatile ices.

Space March 20, 2016

Pluto's Nitrogen Does Not Fizz Out Into Space Because Its Atmosphere Serves As Coolant

New data from the Pluto flyby of the New Horizons spacecraft showed that nitrogen is escaping from the dwarf planet and into space at a much lower rate than expected due to a cooling effect in the atmosphere.

Space March 18, 2016

Following New Horizons Visit, Pluto is Looking Curiouser And Curiouser

Pluto and its family of moons are presenting astronomers with a wealth of new questions about the distant worlds. What mysteries has the New Horizons spacecraft revealed now?

Space March 17, 2016

NASA's New Horizons Finds Wide Bite Mark On Pluto's Surface

Pluto looks like a 'large, chewable malted ball.' Now, new images from New Horizons revealed a wide bite mark on the dwarf planet's surface. How did that happen?

Space March 12, 2016

New Horizons Glimpses Methane Ice On Mountains Of Pluto

Cthulhu Regio on Pluto features mountains rising off the surface of the frozen dwarf planet. Now, astronomers have found frozen peaks of methane on the extraterrestrial surface features.

Space March 6, 2016

NASA Releases Stunning New Photo Of Pluto’s Yellow-Hued Frozen North Pole Canyon

New images of Pluto revealed yellow-colored canyons on Pluto's frigid North Pole. They also revealed giant pits that suggested a phase of tectonic activity in the planet's historic past.

Space February 26, 2016

NASA's New Horizons Sets Eye On 2014 MU69

The science team behind the New Horizons project is now planning to send the spacecraft to an object in the Kuiper Belt known as 2014 MU69 for its next mission. The space probe will head to this destination as soon as it finishes its exploration of the Pluto system.

Space February 26, 2016

Pluto's Largest Moon Charon May Have Had An Ancient Subsurface Ocean

New Horizons discovered that Pluto's moon Charon may have had an ancient subsurface ocean that expanded outward to the surface as it eventually froze. NASA described it as Bruce Banner transforming into Incredible Hulk.

Space February 20, 2016

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