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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Leaks Reveal Swim-Tracking Feature, Price

The new Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro has been confirmed by none other than the company itself, and based on the current leaks, the wearable will have a $199.99 price tag and swim-tracking features.

Wearable Tech August 24, 2017

Best Fitness Trackers 2016: Fitbit Charge HR, Samsung Gear Fit 2 And Microsoft Band 2

Keeping motivated and engaged in exercise or physical activity is all important. This is where fitness trackers help as they keep track on steps taken, heart rate and even provide motivation, but all are not created equal.

Wearable Tech September 28, 2016

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Promo Image Leaks: Curved Display, Sleek Profile And More

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 promo image gets leaked, revealing a curved display and a sleeker profile compared with the first Gear Fit. Here's a close look at the upcoming wearable tech.

Wearable Tech May 24, 2016

Samsung Gear Fit 2 And Gear IconX Images Leaked: Here's A Look At The New Fitness Band And Wireless Earbuds

Images of the purported Samsung Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX have accidentally emerged on Samsung's website. Here's a glimpse of the new fitness band and wireless earbuds from Samsung.

Wearable Tech May 7, 2016

Samsung Triathlon Activity Tracker Tipped As Cheap Wearable Gunning For Xiaomi Mi Band

Samsung is reportedly working on a very affordable fitness tracker.Called the Triathlon, the wearable aims to compete directly with Xiaomi’s Mi Band, offering similar features for a comparable price.

Gadgets November 16, 2015

Amazon Gadget Deal: Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Band Now $135

The Samsung Gear Fit fitness band is now sold at Amazon at an incredibly discounted price of $135. The new price point, which slashes off $64 from the original price of $199, also includes free shipping.

Wearable Tech April 22, 2015

Samsung Gear 2 smart watch gets a Fleksy touchscreen keyboard app

Fleksy, a software maker of touchscreen keyboards, has launched its keyboard app for the Samsung Gear 2 smart watch. The company claims the free software's advanced features will make typing SMS messages on the Gear 2's tiny screen easy and intuitive.

Gadgets June 18, 2014

'Swarovski for Samsung' makes Galaxy S5, Gear Fit go bling bling

Samsung pimps its Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit with new covers and charms embedded with luxury cut Swarovski crystals.

Gadgets May 9, 2014

Is Apple working on health-tracking headphones? Leak on Secret, says yes and more

Apple is reportedly making a pair of smart EarPods that can track heart rate and blood pressure, based on leaks posted on anonymous social network Secret.

Wearable Tech May 2, 2014

Samsung Gear Fit outshines Galaxy S5 - Is this the future of wearables?

Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 is widely viewed as a disappointment, the Gear Fit is being heralded as the future of wearable technology. The Gear Fit is sleek, slender and dead set on improving the well-being of its users.

Wearable Tech February 27, 2014

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