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Dead stars sometimes 're-ignite' to explode as supernovas: Type la supernovae explained

Type 1a supernovae may finally be explained after the discovery of cobalt-56, a rare element, during one of the events.

Space August 30, 2014

Discovery of traces of one of universe's oldest stars excites boffins

A star that lived soon after the formation of matter in the Universe could have formed another neighbor, just outside our own galaxy.

Space August 23, 2014

Zombie star sighting by Hubble excites boffins

Type 1ax supernovas have been seen by the Hubble Space Telescope, revealing these mysterious events for the first time -- but how are they triggered?

Space August 10, 2014

Cosmic dust origin may be finally explained by supernova SN2010jl

Cosmic dust is essential for the creation of planets, moons and stars, but until now, astronomers did not know its origin. An ancient supernova may provide the answer to that astronomical mystery.

Space July 12, 2014

Space bling: White dwarf star may have crystallized into super-massive diamond

A diamond in space, the size of the Earth, has been discovered 870 light years from Earth, using a system of radio telescopes.

Space June 24, 2014

Death of Wolf-Rayet star gives scientists insight to supernova progenitor

The death of one of the most massive stars ever found provides insight into the way these stars die.

Space May 22, 2014

Massive supernova not so bright after all

An "ordinary" Type 1a supernova was seen, apparently giving off the same amount of energy as 100 billion suns. How did nature dupe astronomers?

Space April 28, 2014

Darkest secrets of supernova unraveled by NuSTAR telescope

Supernova explosions can't be triggered in computer models. A new study, looking at the remains of a recent event, shows what triggers these mighty blasts.

Space February 21, 2014

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