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Synthetic Opioids Found In Fake Prescription Pills

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released preliminary findings on fake Percocet pills that had caused four deaths across Central and South Georgia. The yellow pills contain a mixture of deadly drugs.

Public Health June 9, 2017

Synthetic Marijuana Use Can Lead To Violent Behavior, Drug And Alcohol Abuse Among Teens: Study

Synthetic marijuana is largely used among adolescents for recreation. Studies show it can increase the risk of addiction, and also trigger violence, other drug use, alcohol abuse, and sexual risk-taking.

Public Health March 14, 2017

Synthetic Drug 85 Times More Potent Than Marijuana Caused 'Zombie' Outbreak In New York

Researchers have identified the synthetic drug that caused several New Yorkers to enter a 'zombielike' state in July as AMB-FUBINACA. Originally developed by Pfizer, its patent was likely used by illegal drug labs to produce a new drug compound.

Public Health December 17, 2016

US Faces Increasing Threat From Synthetic Drug Overdose

DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg told a Senate committee that they need the help of lawmakers to effectively control the sale and use of synthetic drugs. The agency has monitored an increase in the use of the drugs in the country.

Public Health June 8, 2016

Flakka To Blame For Bizarre Incidents In Florida: Things To Know About This Synthetic Drug

The latest drug that has law enforcement and health officials worried is Flakka, which can cause irrational behavior and is viewed as a second generation bath salt. It can be snorted, injected or swallowed.

Internet Culture April 30, 2015

Synthetic Drug Illnesses, Deaths Spur Call To Legalize Marijuana As Spice Use Grows Nationwide

Drug substitutes, such as Spice, a synthetic pot option, are sending dozens to emergency rooms and some believe legalizing marijuana would stem the trend. It's also prompting medical professionals to seek ways to educate drug users regarding the dangers in using chemical-based drugs as opposed to drugs made from organic elements such as marijuana plants.

Life April 27, 2015

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