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How A Robot Discovered The 300-Year-Old 'Holy Grail Of Shipwrecks' With $17B In Treasure

An autonomous underwater vehicle called Remus 6000 found the San Jose, known as the 'Holy Grail of shipwrecks.' The 300-year-old ship holds treasure valued up to $17 billion.

Ancient May 23, 2018

Squishy Robotic Fingers Collect Fragile Marine Creatures From Ocean Floor

Soft robotic grippers can now help researchers do their marine exploration without damaging fragile ocean-floor specimens. These robotic fingers are deemed a step ahead of rigid grippers that can destroy corals and other samples.

Animals January 21, 2016

New Underwater Robot Allows Scientists to Map Sea Ice in 3D: Robot Shows Thickening of Antarctic Sea Ice

Researchers are sighing a breath of relief after engineers created a new robot that is capable of operating under the Antarctic ice for several hours. This is something that was much-needed in the past.

Geek November 27, 2014

Antarctic Sea Ice Thicker than Previously Thought, Measured by Underwater Robot

A survey conducted by an underwater robot called SeaBED revealed that the Antarctic sea ice is thicker than previously believed. The autonomous underwater vehicle used an upward-looking sonar to measure and map ice floes.

Animals November 25, 2014

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