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Water Reservoir On The Moon? Lunar Interior Could Be Hiding Significant Amount Of Water

Data from NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument suggest that the moon may have a significant amount of water in its interior. A lunar water reservoir could make colonization of the moon much easier.

Space September 12, 2017

Centuries-Old Buddha Statue Emerges From A Reservoir In China

A sunken statue of Buddha emerged after water levels dropped at the Hongmen Reservoir in China during renovation work. The statue dates back to as early as the Yuan dynasty.

Ancient January 17, 2017

New Source Of Greenhouse Gas: How Do Water Reservoirs Accelerate Global Warming?

Hydroelectricity is considered as an invaluable source of clean and renewable energy, but a new study suggests it may not be so clean after all. Researchers discovered that hydropower can actually accelerate global warming.

Earth/Environment October 3, 2016

Massive oceans of water hiding 400 miles under Earth’s surface

Scientists simulate melting of water-containing rocks deep in Earth's interior, find strong evidence of large water reservoir in boundary 400 miles below surface of planet.

Animals June 14, 2014

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