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Mass Effect: Andromeda Free Trial Now Available For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And PC: Here's What You Can Access

BioWare has released a 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' free trial for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The space RPG has failed to live up to the hype, but should new players give it a chance?

Video Games July 15, 2017

Huge Xbox One Update Rolls Out: Custom Gamerpics, Console Co-Streaming, Profiles Linked To Controllers, And More

Director of Xbox Programming Larry Hryb, more popularly known as Major Nelson, detailed the massive update that has been rolled out to the Xbox One. Among the new features of the console are custom gamerpics, co-streaming, and controller-linked profiles.

Video Games July 13, 2017

Destiny 2 Beta To Start Next Week On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One: Here's What You Need To Know

The 'Destiny 2' beta will launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week. Here are all the details that players will need to know, including specific launch times, the contents, and what's in store for PC players.

Video Games July 13, 2017

Xbox One X vs Original Xbox One, Xbox One S: Reasons To Upgrade, And Reasons Not To

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console that’ll ever be released, but is it worth $499 just to upgrade? Here are some reasons why you should make the jump, and why you shouldn’t.

Video Games July 10, 2017

You Can Soon Send Xbox One Games As Gifts To Your Friends

Microsoft has vaguely confirmed that players will soon be able to gift games to friends on the Xbox One. The feature, which Steam allows, isn’t currently offered on the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

Video Games July 9, 2017

Sony Takes Down Official 'Anthem' Trailer For PlayStation 4 After Massive Criticism Over Edited Xbox One X Buttons

Sony was forced to take down the official PlayStation 4 gameplay trailer for BioWare's 'Anthem.' The video was an edited version of the gameplay trailer for the Xbox One X, with PlayStation buttons placed on top of Xbox buttons.

Video Games July 4, 2017

Microsoft Unveils Xbox Games With Gold July 2017, Adds 'Resident Evil 6' And 'Dead Island' To Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Live Games with Gold for July 2017, which include 'Grow Up' and 'Runbow' for the Xbox One. The new titles coming to Xbox Game Pass, meanwhile, include zombie-infested 'Resident Evil 6' and 'Dead Island: Definitive Edition.'

Video Games June 29, 2017

Xbox One X Comes With $500 Price Tag And It's Not The Only Reason Why We're Not Buying It

The Xbox One X will launch on Nov. 7 with a $500 price tag. Here are the top reasons why we're not buying 'the world's most powerful console,' and it's more than just its price.

Video Games June 17, 2017

Sony Explains Why It's Against Cross-Platform Play Between PlayStation 4 And Xbox One: Microsoft Fires Back

Sony has so far rejected Microsoft's invitation to open up cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The explanation for Sony's stance did not sit well with Microsoft, pushing Xbox chief Phil Spencer to fire back.

Video Games June 16, 2017

Microsoft Will Not Make Money From Xbox One X Sales Despite $499 Price Tag

Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed that Microsoft will not be making money for each unit of the Xbox One X sold. This is despite the $499 price tag of the console, which some gamers say is too steep.

Video Games June 15, 2017

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says PlayStation Pro Is Competing With Xbox One S, Not The Xbox One X

The console wars are about to get even more heated. Xbox's Phil Spencer has thrown down the gauntlet by declaring that the PlayStation 4 Pro isn't powerful enough to compete with the Xbox One X.

Video Games June 14, 2017

Confirmed: 'Destiny 2' Heading To The PS4 And Xbox One Before The PC, Coming Earlier Than Expected

Bungie has announced that 'Destiny 2' is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One earlier than expected this September. The highly anticipated shooter is also set to arrive to the PC in October.

Video Games June 13, 2017

Xbox One X: Without Exclusives, Is Microsoft's New Console Really Worth $499?

The Xbox One X may be 'the most powerful console ever,' but that doesn't mean anything if it lacks exclusive content. Sadly, Microsoft has given us little reason to invest in the Xbox One X.

Video Games June 12, 2017

Xbox One Backward Compatibility To Soon Include Games From Original Xbox: This Is How You Do It, Sony

Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed that the Xbox One backward compatibility program will soon support physical CDs for the original Xbox. This shows the popularity of the feature, which may never be added to the PlayStation 4.

Video Games June 12, 2017

Cuphead Finally Gets A Release Date: It's Heading To The Xbox One, PC Via Steam On Sept. 29

StudioMDHR has finally announced a release date for Cuphead. The side-scrolling game out of 1930s is now set to launch on Sept. 29 for the Xbox One and PC via Steam.

Video Games June 12, 2017

8 TB Seagate Game Drive Hub Makes Sure You Don't Run Out Of Xbox One Storage Space

Seagate has just unveiled the 8 TB Game Drive Hub for Xbox to prevent gamers from running out of storage space quickly, including those with a subscription to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass.

Video Games June 12, 2017

Microsoft Officially Unveils Xbox One X: The World's Most Powerful Console Arrives On Nov. 7 With $499 Price Tag

Microsoft has officially unveiled the Xbox One X, described as 'the world's most powerful console.' Formerly known as the Xbox Project Scorpio, the Xbox One X will launch on Nov. 7 with a price tag of $499.

Video Games June 12, 2017

New 'Crackdown 3' Trailer At E3 2017 Features Total Mayhem And A Pumped Up Terry Crews

A new trailer for the long-delayed 'Crackdown 3' was revealed at E3 2017, featuring massive amounts of destruction and an intense Terry Crews. The over-the-top action game will launch on Nov. 7, alongside the Xbox One X.

Video Games June 12, 2017

Did Microsoft Reveal The Release Date Of Xbox One Scorpio Without Us Noticing?

Microsoft's recent trailer for the Scorpio gave us plenty to think about including a possible release date. Here's what one Twitter user found while examining frame by frame shots of the trailer.

Video Games June 8, 2017

Report Claims Xbox One Backward Compatibility Feature Is Barely Used: Is It True?

A report published by Ars Technica found that the backward compatibility feature of the Xbox One, which can be used to play Xbox 360 titles, is barely used. Xbox executives, however, have since refuted the report.

Video Games June 8, 2017

Microsoft Trademarks 'S' Logo For Video Games And Consoles: Will It Be Used For The Xbox Project Scorpio?

Microsoft filed a trademark for an 'S' logo that is related to video game consoles, accessories, and computer game software. The logo is likely related to the Xbox Project Scorpio, which will be fully unveiled at the upcoming E3 2017.

Video Games June 6, 2017

Microsoft, Seagate Ensure You Don't Run Out Of Xbox Game Pass Storage Space With 4 TB Game Drive

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service has just launched, potentially another strain on gamers’s external drives. For those looking for a storage solution to gear up for the service, you might want to turn to Seagate’s new drives.

Video Games June 2, 2017

In Challenge To Twitch, Microsoft Rebrands Beam As Mixer And Adds A Host Of New Features

Microsoft's streaming service, formerly known as Beam, is getting a new name and a host of new features. Here's what you need to know about Mixer.

Video Games May 25, 2017

Microsoft's Subscription Service Xbox Game Pass Launches June 1

After several years of testing, Microsoft is set to launch its Netflix-style game subscription service for Xbox One this June. Here's what you need to know about the games you can play, free trial programs, and other details about Xbox Game Pass.

Video Games May 24, 2017

Free Xbox Games With Gold For June 2017 Include 'Watch Dogs,' 'Assassin's Creed III,' 'Dragon Age: Origins'

Microsoft revealed the Xbox Games with Gold lineup for the month of June 2017, which includes 'Watch Dogs,' 'Assassin's Creed III,' and 'Dragon Age: Origins.' Some of the titles can be downloaded for free starting June 1.

Video Games May 24, 2017

Project Scorpio, Xbox One Games FPS Parity Is Up To The Developers, Microsoft Confirms

Xbox lead Mike Ybarra has confirmed that FPS parity between Project Scorpio and Xbox One games in multiplayer is in the developers' hands, and Microsoft isn't setting any sort of requirement.

Video Games May 22, 2017

Horror Game 'Alan Wake' Will Disappear From Steam And Xbox Live, And David Bowie Has Something To Do With It

Psychological thriller 'Alan Wake' will be taken down from Steam and Xbox Live after May 15. The reason behind developer Remedy's decision to stop selling the horror game involves David Bowie, Depeche Mode, and Roy Orbison.

Video Games May 13, 2017

Xbox Head Confirms No Issues With Project Scorpio: Release On Track For This Year's Holidays

Microsoft is apparently on track to release the highly anticipated Xbox Project Scorpio in this year's holiday season. The specific launch date, alongside more details regarding the console, is expected to be revealed at the upcoming E3.

Video Games May 9, 2017

Sony May Launch Next PlayStation Console In Second Half Of 2018, Slash PlayStation 4 Price Soon

According to analysts, Sony may launch the PlayStation 5 by the second half of next year, and the PlayStation 4 could soon see a price cut. These moves will be made in response to Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio.

Video Games April 30, 2017

Controversial Horror FMV Game 'Night Trap' To Relaunch On PlayStation 4, Xbox One For 25th Anniversary

Full-motion video game 'Night Trap' will be relaunched for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after 25 years since it was initially released on the Sega CD. The controversial horror game helped lead to the formation of the ESRB.

Video Games April 26, 2017

Bandai Namco Releases 'Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition' For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Bandai Namco released the complete edition for Dark Souls III, titled 'Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition' on April 21. This version of the game included both the DLCs along with the base game.

Video Games April 24, 2017

Xbox Live Games With Gold May 2017: Free Games Lineup Includes 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II' And More

Microsoft has now announced the Games with Gold lineup for the month of May, complete with 'Star Wars titles' and games with female characters at the helm. Here’s all the free games you’re going to get in May.

Video Games April 22, 2017

Microsoft Xbox FanFest Returns For E3 2017: 500 Gamers Will Get To Try Out Project Scorpio

Microsoft is bringing back the Xbox FanFest to this year's annual E3. Gamers who will be able to acquire a ticket to the event will be able to try out the company's next console, the Xbox Project Scorpio.

Video Games April 18, 2017

Microsoft To Unveil Xbox Project Scorpio At E3: Specs, Price, And Release Date

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer confirmed that the Xbox Project Scorpio will be fully unveiled at the upcoming E3. What details will gamers expect from Microsoft's presentation at the annual video game expo?

Video Games April 13, 2017

Overwatch For Consoles To Soon Get More Aiming Options: Good News For Expert Players

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of 'Overwatch' will soon get more aiming options in the form of an aim smoothing slider. The change has long been requested by expert players who want more control over their heroes.

Video Games April 13, 2017

Xbox Project Scorpio: Prototype Image Gives A Glimpse Of What The Gaming Console May Look Like

Renders of the much-awaited Xbox One Project Scorpio have emerged online. The renders of the dev kit provide a glimpse into the future-gen gaming console's design.

Video Games April 13, 2017

Tekken 7 Release For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And PC Draws Near: Here's What We Know

'Tekken 7' is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 2. Here is what we know so far about the latest installment in the iconic fighting game franchise.

Video Games April 10, 2017

Xbox Project Scorpio vs. PlayStation 4 Pro vs. Xbox One S: Which Console Should You Buy?

The specifications of the Xbox Project Scorpio have been revealed, and gamers who were thinking of purchasing the PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox One S are reconsidering their plans. Which console should you buy?

Video Games April 8, 2017

Xbox Project Scorpio Games Missing From Specs Reveal: Microsoft Needs Great Titles For Console To Succeed

Microsoft has unveiled the powerful specifications of the Xbox Project Scorpio. However, to catch up with Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft will need to have a great lineup of games for the console.

Video Games April 7, 2017

Xbox Scorpio vs. PlayStation 4 Pro: Which Is More Powerful? Let The Inevitable Console Wars Begin

Cat’s out of the bag: the full and official specs for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio have now been revealed. But how does it stack up to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro?

Video Games April 7, 2017

Xbox Project Scorpio May Be Unveiled Very Soon With 'Forza Motorsport 7,' 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

Reports by Windows Central claim that 'Forza Motorsport 7' is the headline title for the Xbox Project Scorpio. In addition, the specifications of the upcoming video game console might be unveiled as soon as next week.

Video Games April 1, 2017

Microsoft Rolls Out Update To Xbox One: We Check Out What's New

Microsoft rolled out its latest Xbox One update on March 29, which brings improved multitasking ability along with an updated guide. The update will also enable users to broadcast via Beam.

Video Games March 30, 2017

Microsoft Launches 'Tech Series' Xbox One Controllers With The $70 Recon Tech Special Edition

Microsoft has launched the new Tech Series of wireless controllers for the Xbox One, with the first device in the line being the $70 Recon Tech Special Edition. The announcement comes as Microsoft prepares to unveil the Project Scorpio console.

Video Games March 21, 2017

Microsoft, Amazon Offer Amazing Xbox One S Bundles, Just In Time For 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'

Microsoft and Amazon have released new offers for Xbox One S bundles that come just in time for the release of 'Mass Effect: Andromeda.' The latest installment in the 'Mass Effect' franchise is released March 21.

Video Games March 21, 2017

New Xbox Live Features, Including Custom Gamerpics, Games Filtering, And More, Coming To Insiders

Microsoft is bringing a laundry list of feature updates to Xbox Live, including custom gamerpics, improvements to Looking For Group posts, captive portal support, and more. The updates will roll out over the coming weeks to Xbox Insiders.

Video Games March 21, 2017

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