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Google Glass Explorer attacked by SF bar patrons for not respecting their privacy

Sarah Slocum, a female Google Glass Explorer was mugged at the Molotov's bar in the Bay Area by alleged haters of the wearable technology. While some of the people of the bar were curious about the Glass, a small group of people were not amused that Slocum, accompanied by a male friend, was wearing the device inside the bar.

Wearable Tech February 26, 2014

Scientists create smart condom that matches feeling of unprotected sex

A new type of condom for the next generation of sexually active adults who want unprotected sex, is finally available.

Wearable Tech February 27, 2014

Samsung Gear Fit outshines Galaxy S5 - Is this the future of wearables?

Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 is widely viewed as a disappointment, the Gear Fit is being heralded as the future of wearable technology. The Gear Fit is sleek, slender and dead set on improving the well-being of its users.

Wearable Tech February 27, 2014

Qualcomm Toq sees $100 price drop but still pricey

Qualcomm has slashed the price of its Toq smartwatch. Will that be enough to compete with the other smartwatches in the market today?

Wearable Tech February 26, 2014

Fitbit bit the dust: Skin rash triggers Force recall

Fitbit has decided to proceed with a full-scale voluntary recall of Fitbit Force after it hired independent experts to investigate users' reports of skin irritation and found the device may really be causing problems to some users.

Wearable Tech February 23, 2014

HTC rides wearable wave - Three devices in pipeline

HTC is reportedly planning to release three wearables at MWC 2014, including two smartwatches and a music playing wearable. One of the smartwatches will reportedly be a Google Now smartwatch, while the other will be based on Qualcomm's Toq hardware.

Wearable Tech February 20, 2014

Apple earbuds 2.0 may be health-focused and boast 'head gesture' controls

Apple's earbuds 2.0 will likely be health-focused and tout "head gesture" controls.

Wearable Tech February 22, 2014

Bye, bye Android: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 walks away with Tizen

Android may have been booted out of the running for the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch. Samsung reportedly favors the Tizen operating system for its revamped smartwatch.

Wearable Tech February 19, 2014

Be an Explorer, not a Glasshole, Google's quirky Do's and Don'ts suggest

To be an Explorer or to be a Glasshole? The new do's and don'ts list of Google aims to guide Glass users.

Wearable Tech February 19, 2014

Apple targets health with new fitness headphone patent

Apple was granted a new patent for fitness-tracking headphones. If the patent design is put into production, the new headphones will feature a heart rate monitor and other sensors.

Wearable Tech February 18, 2014

Wearable tech boom? Not just yet

The recent introduction of Google Glasses and the rumored debut of Apple's iWatch have tech experts now predicting that we are entering a new era in technology. The new market is loosely defined as the "wearable technology" or "wearables" market.

Wearable Tech February 22, 2014

Apple iWatch that can predict heart attacks? Why not?

If the latest reports are true, an iWatch that can listen to blood vessel turbulence and predict heart attacks might be in the works. The iWatch would work in concert with the next iPhone to monitor signs of an oncoming heart attack.

Wearable Tech February 17, 2014

Tizen-powered Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo debut: What you should know

Samsung has walked away from Android with its new line of Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatches. Could this be a sign of big things to come?

Wearable Tech February 23, 2014

Virgin Atlantic London staff tries to up glamour quotient with Google Glass

Virgin Atlantic staff wears Google Glass and Sony SmartWatch 2 at London's Heathrow airport as part of a six-week pilot program.

Wearable Tech February 11, 2014

Smart diaper with flexible sensor invented in Japan: Say buh-bye to diaper rash

Japanese inventors have created a cheap, disposable, and flexible sensor that paves the way for smart diapers.

Wearable Tech February 11, 2014

Apple job listing for exercise physiologist hints iWatch may be in the works

Apple's latest job posting suggests the company's alleged iWatch may focus on fitness.

Wearable Tech February 10, 2014

HTC jumps on the wearables bandwagon

HTC will try to conquer the wearable gadgets market. HTC announced it will be rolling out its first wearable device before the end of 2014.

Wearable Tech February 6, 2014

Google Glass: Coming to a policeman near you

The NYPD is beta testing Google Glass to see if it will aid officers in their efforts to solve crime.

Wearable Tech February 6, 2014

Apple iWatch rumored to boast cutting-edge charging technology

A new report over the weekend tickles the imagination of those awaiting the iWatch. Sources say the wearable device of Apple might make use of magnetic induction, solar or its user's own movement to charge its batteries.

Wearable Tech February 3, 2014

The Pebble appstore will debut on Feb. 3

The new Pebble appstore is set to debut on Feb. 3. The appstore will include many new apps that are optimized for Pebble's smartwatches.

Wearable Tech February 2, 2014

Google Glass now comes with $225 prescription frames: What you should know

Google rolled out prescription frames for Google Glass. Will it help users blend in with the crowd?

Wearable Tech January 29, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 promises to be more sleek and sporty

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will likely tout a curved display.

Wearable Tech January 29, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Glass eyes Fall launch

Samsung plans 2014 launch of Google Glass' toughest competitor.

Wearable Tech January 28, 2014

Think Japanese: Smart bra that unhooks when woman finds true love

True love does not only make a princess wake up from a long slumber and save her from any curse but it also unhooks a smart bra, which otherwise protects women from unwanted sexual advances.

Wearable Tech January 27, 2014

Homeland Security agents haul out Google Glass Explorer from Ohio theater on suspected bootlegging

It was a Saturday night at the movies gone bad for a Google Glass Explorer as a team of Homeland Security personnel dragged him out of the theater and questioned him about the wearable technology he is using.

Wearable Tech January 22, 2014

L'Oreal brings hair styling tips to Google Glass

L'Oreal could change forever the way we learn and teach with Google Glass.

Wearable Tech January 20, 2014

Google smart contact lens may be a life-saver for diabetics

Google winked at the future of diabetes management as it reveals efforts to develop smart contact lenses that can measure blood sugar levels using human tears.

Wearable Tech January 17, 2014

California court throws out citation against woman caught driving with Google Glass

A software developer who got cited for driving on a California freeway while wearing Google Glass, has pleaded not guilty to the charge and has triumphed as a San Diego traffic court has thrown out the citation.

Wearable Tech January 16, 2014

Fitbit issues apology for Force-ing rash on users, offers refund and promises to modify product

Fitbit has apologized for the problems caused by Fitbit Force and has asked customers to contact the company for refund or product replacement.

Wearable Tech January 16, 2014

Fitbit Force users complain of rash and sores, offered refund

Fitbit Force users have reported of rashes, blisters and peeling skin after using the fitness tracker.

Wearable Tech January 15, 2014

Valve SteamVR beta gets cozy with Oculus Rift

Valve is courting the Oculus Rift. Expect big things to come in the future of VR gaming.

Wearable Tech January 19, 2014

Google Glass helps Indian doctor successfully conduct foot and ankle surgery

A doctor has successfully conducted a foot and ankle surgery in India with the help of Google Glass.

Wearable Tech January 13, 2014

Oculus Rift Crystal Cove VR headset prototype deserves to bag 2014 Best of CES award

Oculus Rift prototype, dubbed the 'Crystal Cove,' bags the 2014 Best of CES award.

Wearable Tech January 12, 2014

Razer Nabu bags Best of CES 2014 Readers' Choice Award

Not just a smartwatch and fitness tracker, the Razer Nabu is also a notification center for paired smartphones, and supports gestures to execute certain social media actions.

Wearable Tech January 11, 2014

LG Lifeband Touch fitness tracker marks company's wearable tech debut

LG is testing deep waters of the wearable technology market with the launch of Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones.

Wearable Tech January 9, 2014

Apple iWatch experiencing battery life problems: Rumor

Looking to own an Apple iWatch? You might have to wait a little longer.

Wearable Tech January 11, 2014

Martian smartwatches are really smart - they obey voice commands

Martian has unveiled the Martian Notifier smartwatch, which can process voice commands for simple actions, at CES 2014.

Wearable Tech January 8, 2014

Pebble Steel smartwatch unveiled: What you should know

Pebble Steel smartwatch has launched at the 2014 International CES.

Wearable Tech January 9, 2014

Intel looks beyond PCs, bets big on wearable technology

Intel has set its sight beyond PCs by unveiling an array of wearable technology at the 2014 International CES.

Wearable Tech January 8, 2014

Basis 2014 Carbon Steel Edition Band now tracks your sleep too

The latest Basis 2014 Carbon Steel Edition Band with its Advanced Sleep Analysis can now track its user's sleep.

Wearable Tech January 6, 2014

Hyundai promises Google Glass support for 2015 Genesis sedan

Hyundai has confirmed Google Glass support for its future cars starting with the 2015 Genesis.

Wearable Tech January 4, 2014

Pebble promises to reveal 'something special' at 2014 International CES

Pebble might introduce second generation hardware but some think the company might unveil a color screen or announce a new partnership.

Wearable Tech January 3, 2014

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