Wearable Tech

Google Glass gets hardware upgrade, more testers invited

Good news. Google Glass has got a hardware upgrade. Better news. The company will offer a trade-in program from November.

Wearable Tech October 29, 2013

Samsung shows off Google Glass rival in patent filing

Samsung is allegedly working on a Google Glass-type wearable technology.

Wearable Tech October 28, 2013

iPod Shuffle-rival Nokia Guru leaks ahead of official launch

Nokia may launch its portable media player, Guru, on October 22 to rival with the iPod.

Wearable Tech October 22, 2013

Nokia files patent for 'multi-segment' bracelet-type smartwatch

Nokia's patent filing suggests that the company is working on a multi-screen smartwatch.

Wearable Tech October 21, 2013

miCoach SMART RUN: Adidas chases Nike, unveils fitness smartwatch with GPS

Adidas has launched its GPS-integrated miCoach SMART RUN smartwatch which will release on November 1.

Wearable Tech October 17, 2013

Nike FuelBand SE is funky and Apple-exclusive

Nike has unveiled the latest Nike+ FuelBand SE, which can be paired with iPhone and iPod Touch.

Wearable Tech October 16, 2013

Apple iWatch: More of home automation, less of smartwatch?

Apple iWatch may be able to control various electronic gadgets at home.

Wearable Tech October 13, 2013

T-Mobile dishonors Galaxy Gear discount code

T-Mobile has canceled all orders for the Galaxy Gear placed with a discount code.

Wearable Tech October 13, 2013

Fitbit Force promises to keep you fighting fit

FitBit Force, the smartwatch, is more than just a timepiece.

Wearable Tech October 11, 2013

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