Reviews of the new LG G Watch, a new smartwatch released in the UK, provide a sneak peak of a device that might be an improvement over Samsung's recent release. Yet is the LG version really a significant improvemen?

In the information age, it seems the traditional watch has fallen out of style. That's probably because people simply look at their mobile phone to check the time. Manufacturers are bringing the watch back into style with smarts to boot.

Android Wear and the anticipated release of Apple's iWatch are becoming the watches of the future that are synced to the phones that replaced the traditional watches. Samsung was quick to release a version of the wearable tech, but the LG G Watch has now been released in the U.K.

Reviews are providing some insight into the usefulness.

Regular watches typically don't need to charge and smart phones constantly need to be charged (some more than others). The LG watch reportedly has a 36-hour battery life, meaning that it needs to be charged every or every other night. 

Because the G Watch uses Google Now, it will update you on things before you probably even know they are going to happen. You can get flight information, appointment reminders and other data that is fed to the watch from both Google and your smartphone. Many of the functions on the watch are completed by swiping one direction or another, so the device has a similar feel to smartphones and tablets. 

There isn't a whole lot of innovation that comes packaged with the LG smart watch. It simply takes everything from your phone and puts it onto your wrist for easy access. Managing these functions is reportedly not always an easy task, though. 

According to one review, the LG G Watch is quite easy to repair and replace components if needed. Under the "hood", the device has 512MB of RAM. It also uses the 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 400 brain. The device has 4GB of storage, enough for a watch by most people's standards. The display is a 1.65-inch LCD IPS. The real improvement here is that it continuously displays time. A major complaint from users of previously released smart watches was that they didn't always display the time. That's what watches are supposed to do, after all. It is said to be compatible with all Android smartphones running 4.3 or above. Other specs include Bluetooth: 4.0, 9-Axis sensor (Gyro / Accelerometer / Compass), water and dust Resistance and a 22mm strap size (comes in leather, fabric or metal). The dimensions of the LG G Watch are 37.9 X 46.5 X 9.95mm and it weighs 63g.

The G Watch uses voice recognition as well, so you can make commands on the go. One reviewer said the watch is an accomplishment that no other company has made yet -- a smart watch that's actually smart. Meanwhile many are waiting to see what Apple will come up with for the iWatch. Some believe it will be a force to be reckoned with in the wearable tech arena. 

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