U.S. Air Force Offers Launchpad To 3D-Printed Rocket Start-Up

Relativity Space entered a contract with the U.S. Air Force for the exclusive use of Launch Complex 16, or LC-16. The company's 3D-printed rocket will be launched in 2020.

Business Tech

Apple's New iPad Pro Videos Show 'A New Way' To Get Things Done

Apple is showing iPad Pro users 'a new way' to do things with the tablet, from hosting a podcast to making a presentation. It uploaded five new videos that highlight the capabilities and features of the device.

Apple January 18, 2019

Spotify Is Making A Music Player For Cars, Possibly Launching This Year

Rumors of Spotify’s physical product have been making rounds since April last year. A new report now corroborates this speculation, and it says the service may launch it later this year.

Gadgets January 19, 2019

Facebook Releases Open Sourced Image Compression Tool Called Spectrum

Spectrum 1.0.0 was officially launched on Github as Facebook opens it to the developers for Android and iOS on Thursday, The new feature is available to download from the GitHub page.

Apps/Software January 18, 2019

Fake Android GPS Apps Plaguing Play Store Just Put Ads Over Google Maps

There's a rise of fake Android GPS apps in the Play Store. With over 50 million downloads, these apps simply play an ad and run Google Maps.

Apps/Software January 18, 2019

Some Android Users’ Supposedly Private Tweets Went Public Due To A Twitter Bug

Twitter for Android users who have set their accounts to private might need to backtrack on their tweets. A bug that makes private tweets public was just uncovered — after four long years.

Apps/Software January 18, 2019

Facebook's Employees Leave 5-Star Amazon Ratings For Its Portal Smart Display

Busted: Facebook employees are leaving five-star ratings for the company's own product Portal. The social media brand has responded and asked them to take down the reviews.

Gadgets January 17, 2019

LG G8 May Have An Optional Attachment That Adds A Second Screen

LG could have a smartphone with an attachable second screen in the pipeline. The word in town is it could be the company's 2019 flagship, which could be the LG G8.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 17, 2019

Windows 10 Preview Build 18317 Is Splitting Up Cortana And Search

Cortana is getting separated from search in Windows 10 preview build 18317. Microsoft explains that this change is being implemented so that each can be innovated independently.

Microsoft January 16, 2019

Google Is Ditching Apps Requiring Call And SMS Permissions

Google is kicking out apps asking for a user's messaging and call data from its Play Store. App developers are now asked to either republish an updated version or resubmit their apps for review.

Security January 17, 2019

Turns Out The iPhone X Can Fit Into The iPhone XS Battery Case Just Fine

Apple says the new iPhone XS Smart Battery Case isn't compatible with the iPhone X. However, after a few tests here and there, it can actually work with the older iPhone.

Apple January 16, 2019

Olixar Cases Leak Sony Xperia Z4 Design Ahead Of MWC 2019 Reveal

Leaked images of Sony Xperia XZ4 Olixar cases confirmed earlier reports of a tall screen with a 21:9 ratio. Sony has scheduled to reveal the upcoming device at MWC 2019 on Feb. 25 to 28 in Barcelona, Spain.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 16, 2019

Twitter's Reverse-Chronological Feed Is Now On Android

Twitter is now rolling out the much-awaited reverse-chronological feed to Android users. This feature enables users to switch to real-time tweets instead of seeing algorithm-based timeline.

Apps/Software January 16, 2019

Verizon's Beyond Unlimited, Above Unlimited Plans Get Beefier With Free Apple Music Perk

Verizon is now including a free Apple Music subscription, which costs $9.99 a month, in its Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited data plans. Go Unlimited will continue to offer a six-month trial to the music streaming service, though.

Apps/Software January 15, 2019

Apple Releases Battery Cases With Wireless Charging Support For The iPhone XS, XS Max, And XR

Apple is rolling out three new battery cases for its latest iPhone lineup. Called the Smart Battery, they are designed to extend the battery life of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

Apple January 15, 2019

Toyota Brings Back The Legendary Supra For 2020

The new 2020 Toyota Supra was announced at Detroit Auto Show on Monday, Jan. 14. It features a 335-horsepower engine with BMW engineering technology and eight-speed automatic transmission that can be shifted with steering wheel-mounted paddles.

Car Tech January 15, 2019

YouTube Is Now More Like Instagram Stories: Introducing Swipe Gestures

iOS users will soon be able to flip through YouTube videos just by swiping. The Instagram Stories-like feature is crucial to have on YouTube’s mobile app, where 70 percent of viewership occurs.

Apps/Software January 15, 2019

Cops Can't Force People To Unlock Their Smartphones With Fingerprint, Face, Court Ruling States

A California judge denied a search warrant seeking permission for cops to force suspects to unlock gadgets with their faces, fingers, or irises. The ruling argued that it is the same as the case of passwords and passcodes.

Security January 15, 2019

The Galaxy M Is The First Samsung Phone With A Notch

Samsung will try to take on Xiaomi’s strong performance in India with its midrange Galaxy M series. It’s the first Samsung phone with a notch, but don’t expect it of ever reaching stateside.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 15, 2019

Google Fi Finally Gets RCS Messaging Support, Faster 4G LTE Coverage

RCS is now on Google Fi. That and faster 4G LTE speeds for users who roam, which makes Fi one of the best mobile virtual network operators out there.

Google January 15, 2019

Apple Couldn't Use Qualcomm Chips For 2018 iPhones Because Qualcomm Refused To Sell Them

Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams reveals that the Cupertino brand wanted to use Qualcomm modems for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. However, the chipmaker refused to sell them.

Apple January 14, 2019

Nike's Self-Lacing Shoes Can Be Controlled With Your Smartphone

Nike recently teased the self-lacing basketball shoes that will be arriving on Jan. 15. The short clip showed that owners can control the laces via a smartphone.

Wearable Tech January 14, 2019

Remember Apple's AirPower Charging Pad? It Could Finally Launch Soon

Apple could be nearly ready to launch its AirPower. Rumors say that at least one supplier of the wireless charging mat has begun production and that the company will release it soon.

Apple January 13, 2019

Samsung's 5G Galaxy S10 Variant Is Going To Be Exclusive To Verizon At First

Verizon is said to have won a bidding war against other carriers for exclusivity rights to the rumored 5G Galaxy S10 model. This means that Samsung's top-of-the-line phone for 2019 will be restricted to Big Red's networks at first.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 13, 2019

You Might Be Paying Too Much For Smartphones, Says The Federal Trade Commission

Smartphones became ultra-expensive in years past. The Federal Trade Commission thinks it’s Qualcomm’s fault, primarily for charging companies way too high for its patented technologies.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 12, 2019

iPhone 11 Rumored To Feature Wi-Fi 6, Which Is 30 Percent Faster Than The Current Standard

The next line of iPhones to be unveiled in September will support the latest Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 6. At least according to a Barclays forecast, that is.

Apple January 12, 2019

Amazon Dash Buttons Deemed Illegal By German Court

No more push-to-order for German folks. With plenty of nudging from a consumer watchdog, a high state court has ruled that Amazon Dash buttons are breaching certain laws and must be stopped.

Business Tech January 12, 2019

Google Kills Its Chromecast Audio: What Was It For Again?

With smart speakers being fairly affordable these days, the Chromecast Audio has lost its place in the market. No surprise that Google finally decided to let it go.

Google January 12, 2019

Interesting Smart Home Finds At CES 2019

What are some of the most interesting smart home finds at CES 2019? Most of them were designed to make our lives easier, more relaxed, and even safer.

CES 2019 January 12, 2019

Chinese Retailers Cut Down iPhone Prices Due To Weak Demand

Local resellers in China are giving away huge discounts on iPhones as Chinese consumers continue to go for cost-effective and feature-rich alternatives. Are the latest iPhones still worth the cost?

Apple January 12, 2019

Apple Plans To Release 3 New iPhones This Year

Apple will be launching three new iPhones this year, with one succeeding the iPhone XR, reports said. The highest-end will have three rear cameras, while the other two, dual lens.

Apple January 12, 2019

Canon: 8K Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Is On Its Way

An 8K-capable full-frame mirrorless camera is already in Canon’s EOS R-series roadmap, an executive just confirmed. There’s no telling when this 8K beast is going to come out, though.

Gadgets January 11, 2019

VLC Hits 3 Billion Downloads, Will Soon Add AirPlay Support For Android

VideoLAN’s ultra-robust, ultra-useful video player has been downloaded a total of 3 billion times. To celebrate this milestone, the team announced imminent support for AirPlay and better VR integration.

Apps/Software January 11, 2019

Amazon Reportedly Developing Cloud-Based Video Game Streaming Service

Amazon hasn’t had much luck in the gaming department, with a few Fire TV games that no one cares about. But maybe a new cloud-based video game streaming service might just make it a formidable player once and for all.

Internet January 11, 2019

Sharing Netflix Account? AI Software Unveiled At CES 2019 Can Track You Down

Software company Synamedia said Credentials Sharing Insight can track fraudulent account sharing using artificial intelligence. What could happen to subscribers who share their Netflix and other streaming service account passwords to family and friends?

CES 2019 January 11, 2019

Nokia 8.1 Plus Leak: Upcoming Smartphone Could Have A Punch-Hole Camera

HMD Global could soon roll out a smartphone with a punch-hole camera. That's according to leaked renders that feature what's believed to be the Nokia 8.1 Plus.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 10, 2019

Samsung Unveils Massive 219-Inch TV At CES 2019

Tech giant Samsung unveiled The Wall at CES 2019. According to the company, the massive 219-inch TV has shock-resistant technology, is energy efficient, and long lasting.

CES 2019 January 11, 2019

Ring Employees Were Given Access To Customers' Videos: Report

Ring allowed its employees to access customers' video recordings, reports claim. If true, then the company's workers may have been viewing users' live feed and histories since 2016.

Smart Home January 10, 2019

Samsung To Unveil Galaxy S10 At February’s Unpacked Event

As CES 2019 comes to a close, Samsung confirmed the launch date for the Galaxy phone's 10th iteration. The Unpacked event is happening a week before the Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 11, 2019

Ford Unveils New 2020 RWD-Based Explorer In Detroit

Ford unveiled the brand-new 2020 RWD-Based Explorer on Wednesday evening at Ford Field in Detroit. Starting at $33,000 price point, Ford 2020 Explorer goes on sale this summer.

Car Tech January 10, 2019

AMD Unveils Radeon VII, Its 7nm Graphics Card That Rivals Nvidia's RTX 2080

AMD announces the Radeon VII at CES 2019. It's a new graphics card built on a 7nm process that can compete with the likes of Nvidia's RTX 2080.

CES 2019 January 10, 2019

Lexar Now Offers Massive 1 TB SDXC Memory Card

Lexar is the first company to make 1 TB SD cards available for purchase. It won’t come cheap, these things cost $500 a pop.

Gadgets January 9, 2019

Chrome's Ad Blocker Will Roll Out Worldwide On July 9

Previously launched in North America and Europe, Chrome's built-in ad blocker will now be available in every country starting July. This is in compliance with the industry standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads.

Google January 10, 2019

Samsung's Foldable Phone Reportedly Breaks If It's Folded All The Way

Samsung may not have publicly shown its foldable phone at CES 2019, but a report says it gave clients a look at a prototype in private. Now one of the insiders has revealed the device breaks when it's folded completely.

CES 2019 January 9, 2019

HTC Vive Pro Eye Takes VR To The Next Level With Eye Tracking

Eye-tracking will take virtual reality to a whole new direction. The Vive Pro Eye is HTC’s first taste of what this technology can do, which essentially makes VR work more like human eyes.

Wearable Tech January 9, 2019

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