Battle Over Hawaii's Mauna Kea Heats Up As Indigenous Locals Protest Giant Telescope On Sacred Mountain

The Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea is expected to give astronomers an unparalleled view of the cosmos. Native Hawaiians argue that it comes at the cost of their sacred site and culture.


Moon Memories: Earth Celebrates 50th Year Of Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

NASA's Apollo 11 mission 50th anniversary is happening this weekend. July 20, 1969, will be marked forever as the first day that humans stepped on the moon.


China Reveals Ambitious Plans Of Lunar Exploration, Including Building A Robotic Outpost

Many countries are eyeing the moon for their space missions in the next few decades. Among these countries is China, who is planning a robotic research station at the moon's south pole.

Space July 19, 2019

Red Wine Antioxidant Resveratrol Could Prevent Muscle Loss In Mars Mission Astronauts

Resveratrol, which is found in grapes and blueberries, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The same ingredient could benefit astronauts with an extended stay in space.

Space July 19, 2019

Scientists Plant Hallucinations In Mouse Brains With Laser Holograms

Stanford scientists make mice see things that aren't there in new research involving optogenetics. The study findings and implications could someday lead to potential treatments for therapy.

Animals July 19, 2019

Gold Nugget Found In Australia Turns Out To Be A 4.6 Billion-Year-Old Meteorite

Dave Hole could not pry open the heavy and reddish rock he found in Maryborough Regional Park. Gemologist eventually realized the object is a 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite.

Space July 19, 2019

Joshua Trees To Be Nearly Extinct By 2070 Due To Climate Change

A study disclosed that greenhouse gas emissions are killing the Joshua Tree. This iconic tree would likely be extinct by the end of the century if no efforts are made to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Earth/Environment July 18, 2019

Stonehenge Builders May Have Used Pig Fat To Transport Massive Megaliths

Ceramic fragments found near the Stonehenge structure were likely vessels used to catch pig fat dripping from split-roasted hogs. The lard may have been used to reduce friction and the laborers' amount of work.

Ancient July 18, 2019

Scientists Create A Device That Can Generate Power From The Human Knee

Think of how easy and convenient it would be to produce electricity by just simply walking where you need to go. This new wearable energy harvester is designed for this very purpose: to generate power from your knee's natural motion.

Energy July 18, 2019

Deadly Fungus Forces Ant Zombie 'Death Grip' By Taking Over The Muscles

How does the infamous zombifying fungus make ants do the so-called death grip? Apparently, the fungus does not even affect the victim's brains to do so.

Animals July 18, 2019

Fear Of Humans Suppresses Predators But Benefits Small Animals

How do humans really affect the wildlife around them? A new study found that even recordings of human voices can alter the behaviors of predators and small animals.

Animals July 18, 2019

Sewage, Fertilizers Contribute To Coral Death, Study Finds

Is climate change the only major thing that is killing off our coral reefs? Thirty years' worth of data reveals another part of the problem that people can actually do something about.

Earth/Environment July 17, 2019

'Half-Blood Moon' Partial Lunar Eclipse Coincides With 50th Anniversary Of Apollo 11 Liftoff

Skywatchers saw the moon in varying colors of red during a rare lunar event dubbed as half-blood moon partial eclipse. This celestial phenomenon was visible in most parts of the world on July 16.

Space July 17, 2019

Chimps Bond Exceptionally Well By Watching Movies Together, Says Study

Chimpanzees enjoy movie nights, just like humans. New research revealed that these primates bond well with each other and with humans after watching a film together.

Animals July 17, 2019

SpaceX, NASA Identify Problem That Caused Crew Dragon Spacecraft Explosion During April Engine Test

A propellant leak turned out to be the cause of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft explosion last April. SpaceX and NASA revealed all the details about the unexpected accident.

Space July 17, 2019

NASA Satellite Provides First-Of-Its-Kind Supernova Observation

Ohio State University scientists successfully used NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite to observe a white dwarf supernova. The spacecraft allowed the team to measure traces of hydrogen in the aftermath of the explosion.

Space July 17, 2019

NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine Says Americans Would Have Gone To Mars Had There Been No Political Risks

It's not just technological limitations that are holding NASA back from getting to Mars and the moon. In a recent interview, NASA head Jim Bridenstine said that political risks in the past kept the space agency from reaching Mars.

Space July 16, 2019

Russia Launches Spektr-RG Space Telescope That Could Help Locate 3 Million Supermassive Black Holes In The Universe

The Spektr-RG observatory launched from Kazakhstan aboard a Proton-M rocket on Saturday. The X-ray telescope could shed light on the formation of black holes, evolution of the universe, and the nature of dark energy.

Space July 16, 2019

NASA Reveals First Fruit To Be Grown On The International Space Station

NASA announced plans to make the Chile peppers the first fruiting plant onboard the International Space Station. The Espanola pepper plant from New Mexico can withstand space conditions, and provide vitamins and minerals for astronauts.

Space July 16, 2019

Silica Aerogel Could Melt Ice On Mars And Make Red Planet Habitable

Another day, another step has been made to make Mars more habitable to humans. Now, scientists discovered a material that could simply be spread over Mars' surface and produce liquid water from the frozen ice below.

Space July 16, 2019

India Cancels Chandrayaan-2 Moon Mission Launch Minutes Before Takeoff

India's Chandrayaan-2 lunar mission launch that will probe the south side of the moon was postponed due to technical problems. The Indian Space Research Organization will announce a reschedule date for the liftoff.

Space July 15, 2019

Scientists Discover Life Lurking In The Most Remote, Uninhabitable Desert Of The Pacific

The South Pacific Gyre is one of the most isolated, lifeless parts of Earth. Due to extreme conditions in this region, it has become a desert nearly completely devoid of life — except for a couple of survivors.

Earth/Environment July 5, 2019

Hubble's Eta Carinae Image Gives Special Ultraviolet View Of The Double Star System

Hubble Space Telescope's latest image of Eta Carinae is its highest resolution image of the double star system yet. The stunning image shows the ongoing 'Great Eruption.'

Space July 5, 2019

Restoring Forests Worldwide Could Capture Two Thirds Of Human-Made Carbon Emissions, Fight Climate Crisis

About 0.9 billion hectares of land not being used by humans is suitable for reforestation. If we fill these places with newly planted trees, they could eventually capture two thirds of man-made carbon emissions.

Earth/Environment July 5, 2019

Paleolithic Cold Case Solved? Ancient Skull Reveals 33,000-Year-Old Murder

Did the researchers of a new study solve the oldest known cold case? A new analysis using modern forensic techniques revealed the violent death of a paleolithic man 33,000 years ago.

Ancient July 16, 2019

Cockroaches Are Rapidly Evolving To Become Invincible: Here’s How Humans Can Fend Them Off

Researchers found that cockroaches are growing more and more resistant to insecticides. So what are humans supposed to do to prevent indestructible roaches from taking over the household?

Animals July 4, 2019

Scientists Store, Retrieve Digital Photos In Tiny Molecules Used For Metabolism

In the future, data could be stored in molecules instead of chips. New research takes a significant step forward by successfully storing and retrieving images with great accuracy in metabolites.

Material Science July 4, 2019

Mysterious Fast Radio Burst Traced To Its Origins In A Faraway Galaxy

Scientists discover the source of a fast radio burst to a galaxy 7.9 billion light-years away. While these radio signals remain a mystery, identifying their origins are a significant step to finding out what causes these strange radio bursts.

Space July 2, 2019

Going The Distance: Brain Cells For 3D Vision Discovered

Neurons in insect brains that compute 3D distance and direction found

July 2, 2019

Great Pacific Garbage Patch Clean-Up Recovers 40 Tons Of Plastic Waste

Just how much do fishing nets contribute to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? A recent clean-up in the Pacific yielded 40 tons of plastic waste and potentially dangerous fishing nets.

Earth/Environment July 2, 2019

Ancient Teeth Reveal Extinct Vegetarian Relatives Of Crocodiles

Do modern day crocodiles have ancient vegetarian cousins? New research reveals that the apex predators actually have ancestors who preferred to have vegetables in their diets.

Animals July 2, 2019

Moonshot No More: Beresheet 2 No Longer Going To The Moon

It is a moonshot no more as SpaceIL cancels Beresheet 2. The team will be pursuing new challenges, as another moon mission is 'not challenging enough' for the team.

Space June 28, 2019

LOOK: Massive Volcano Eruption Seen From Space

An unexpected volcanic eruption from Raikoke Volcano sent ash and volcanic gases over the North Pacific Ocean. Even astronauts from the ISS had a chance to capture images of the volcano's rare eruption.

Earth/Environment June 28, 2019

NASA's Next Mission Takes Dragonfly Drone To Saturn's Moon, Titan

NASA announced its next mission in the solar system. The next destination will be the icy world of Saturn's moon, Titan, with the Dragonfly set to launch in 2026.

Space June 28, 2019

First Ever AI Simulation Of The Universe Is So Smart That Even Scientists Are Baffled

How does the universe work? It appears that a new AI could help find the answer as it was able to work well beyond the parameters set by its developers.

Space June 26, 2019

Cicadas Carry A Zombie Fungus That Transforms Them Into ‘Flying Salt Shakers Of Death’

A new study sheds more light on cicadas, revealing a zombie-like fungus that takes over the bodily functions of these insects. Infected cicadas engage in bizarre behavior, such as constant mating attempts despite the fungus eating at their genitals.

Animals June 26, 2019

Tiny Electric ‘Soccer Balls’ Floating In Space Shed Light On Interstellar Mystery

For decades, astronomers have been trying to find out what compounds make up the interstellar medium or the space between star systems. For the first time ever, electrically charged buckyballs are spotted in this mysterious space.

Space June 26, 2019

Researchers Turn Proteins Into Music To Learn More About Protein Structure

Researchers developed a system that converts amino acids in a protein to audible music. The goal is to allow scientists to enable new insights about protein structures and create variations of proteins that have never been observed in nature.

June 28, 2019

Researchers Discover Giant Reservoir Of Freshwater Underneath The Atlantic Seabed

Researchers discovered a gigantic freshwater reservoir beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Similar aquifers around the world can one day provide a supply of freshwater in places that are facing water crisis.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2019

Curiosity Rover Finds High Levels Of Methane On Mars

Last week, Curiosity rover detected unusually high levels of methane, a gas generated by microbes and other living organisms, in Gale Crater. NASA recently released the results from the rover's follow-up observations.

Space June 27, 2019

Soyuz Spacecraft Lands Back On Earth After Spending Over 200 Days Docked On The ISS

Three crew members of the International Space Station returned to Earth on Monday. The Russian Soyuz MS-11 delivered the NASA, CSA astronauts, and Roscosmos cosmonaut safely back to the ground after their 204-day mission in low orbit.

Space June 27, 2019

The Evolution Of Capuchin Monkeys’ Stone Tools Create An Incredible 3,000-Year Archaeological Record

These monkeys are in the middle of their own Stone Age. In the same way changes in human tools over millennia allowed scientists to trace human evolution, the changes in capuchin monkey tools do the same for these primates.

Animals June 25, 2019

Battery Problem Delays Atlas 5 Launch Till Next Month

The next Atlas 5 mission, which was originally scheduled to launch on Thursday, has been moved to a later date. The rocket is now set to deploy a communication satellite into low orbit on or after July 9.

Space June 25, 2019

Greenland Could Be Stripped Bare Of Ice Before End Of Millennium

Greenland Ice Sheet, the second largest body of ice in the world, is rapidly losing mass due to climate change. By the year 3000, scientists predicted that the island will be iceless while the global sea level will significantly rise.

Earth/Environment June 25, 2019

Huge Mass Of What Could Be Iron On Moon Could Jumpstart Investment In Space Mining

A mysterious mass underneath the lunar surface could provide a wealthy source of valuable metals to be mined. If researchers were right, iron that can be used to construct facilities outside of Earth can be mined from the Moon.

Space June 24, 2019

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