Cicadas Carry A Zombie Fungus That Transforms Them Into ‘Flying Salt Shakers Of Death’

A new study sheds more light on cicadas, revealing a zombie-like fungus that takes over the bodily functions of these insects. Infected cicadas engage in bizarre behavior, such as constant mating attempts despite the fungus eating at their genitals.


Tiny Electric ‘Soccer Balls’ Floating In Space Shed Light On Interstellar Mystery

For decades, astronomers have been trying to find out what compounds make up the interstellar medium or the space between star systems. For the first time ever, electrically charged buckyballs are spotted in this mysterious space.


The Evolution Of Capuchin Monkeys’ Stone Tools Create An Incredible 3,000-Year Archaeological Record

These monkeys are in the middle of their own Stone Age. In the same way changes in human tools over millennia allowed scientists to trace human evolution, the changes in capuchin monkey tools do the same for these primates.


Battery Problem Delays Atlas 5 Launch Till Next Month

The next Atlas 5 mission, which was originally scheduled to launch on Thursday, has been moved to a later date. The rocket is now set to deploy a communication satellite into low orbit on or after July 9.

Space June 25, 2019

Greenland Could Be Stripped Bare Of Ice Before End Of Millennium

Greenland Ice Sheet, the second largest body of ice in the world, is rapidly losing mass due to climate change. By the year 3000, scientists predicted that the island will be iceless while the global sea level will significantly rise.

Earth/Environment June 25, 2019

Huge Mass Of What Could Be Iron On Moon Could Jumpstart Investment In Space Mining

A mysterious mass underneath the lunar surface could provide a wealthy source of valuable metals to be mined. If researchers were right, iron that can be used to construct facilities outside of Earth can be mined from the Moon.

Space June 24, 2019

WATCH: Scientists Catch Footage Of Mysterious Giant Squid In The Gulf Of Mexico

A giant squid strikes at a research probe in the deep sea, surprising scientists monitoring the videos. The event marks the first time a giant squid has been caught in video in the United States.

Animals June 24, 2019

It Is The 50th Anniversary Of The Cuyahoga River Fire That Led To The Clean Water Act

It was 50 years ago when the Cuyahoga River in Ohio went on fire. The river had been on fire several times before this incident, but it was the 1969 fire that led to the Clean Water Act.

Earth/Environment June 23, 2019

Ocean Bacteria Alters Skin Microbiome After Just 10 Minutes Of Swimming

Just 10 minutes of swimming in the ocean can alter our skin microbiome, a study finds. While many of the bacteria are harmless, some can cause serious diseases.

Earth/Environment June 23, 2019

Building Seawalls To Protect Vulnerable U.S. Locations From Rising Sea Levels Will Cost $400 Billion

How much will it cost to protect communities across the country from rising sea levels? Evidently, protection comes at a hefty price of $400 billion.

Earth/Environment June 22, 2019

Over 500 Critically Endangered Vultures Die From Eating Elephants Poisoned By Poachers

Over 500 vultures died after eating the carcasses of elephants believed to be poisoned by poachers. All of the vulture species involved in the incident are considered critically endangered.

Animals June 22, 2019

Next-Gen Comet Interceptor Mission Wants To Target 'Pristine' Comet

The ESA will send a spacecraft with three modules to study a pristine comet that is making its way toward the inner solar system for the first time. The Comet Interceptor will follow previous missions Giotto and Rosetta.

Space June 22, 2019

ESA Testing New Device That Could Save Lives In Future Moon Missions

The ESA has begun testing the new prototype of Lunar Evacuation System Assembly, or LESA, during the NEEMO 23 mission at the Atlantic Ocean. The technology will one day be used to rescue injured astronauts on the moon.

Space June 22, 2019

NASA's New Rover Gets Shiny New Set Of Wheels And Legs

NASA's Mars 2020 rover is starting to look like an actual rover. This month, engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California installed the vehicle's legs and wheels in preparation for the July 2020 launch.

Space June 21, 2019

Neanderthal, Mystery Human DNA Found In The ‘Dark Heart’ Of Our Chromosomes

Scientists dive into the deep, dark heart of the human chromosome to see what's within. Their discovery included chunks of DNA from Neanderthals and a mystery human ancestor.

Ancient June 21, 2019

LOOK: Astronomers Capture The 'Glow' Of Uranus's Rings

The new images of Uranus taken using large telescopes show the rings' 'warm glow.' It is also the first time that the rings' temperature is measured.

Space June 21, 2019

Poll Reveals Americans Are More Interested In Monitoring Asteroids Than Going To Mars

Evidently, Americans are quite concerned about asteroids. It was revealed in a poll that Americans prefer to focus on monitoring asteroids and comets than going back to the moon or going to Mars.

Space June 21, 2019

Mysterious Whale Skull From The 1980s Confirmed As Narwhal-Beluga Hybrid

After nearly 30 years, the mystery behind the odd-looking whale skull in Denmark has been solved. Evidently, the creature it belonged to was 54 percent beluga and 46 percent narwhal.

Animals June 20, 2019

Massive Alien Hunt Finds No Sign Of Extraterrestrial Life In 1,300 Stars Closest To Earth

Breakthrough Listen searched the stars nearest Earth for any sign of alien life, but the $100 million project came up short of any evidence. Are we alone after all?

Space June 20, 2019

First Female Astronaut In Space Sally Ride Made Historic Trip 36 Years Ago

On July 18, 1983, 32-year-old Ride became the first American woman to go into space as part of the Challenger's STS-7 mission. During her first flight, she operated the robotic arm that deployed satellites into low orbit.

Space June 19, 2019

2 Very Earthlike Exoplanets Spotted Just 12.5 Light-Years From Our Solar System

Teegarden b and Teegarden c both sit within the habitable zone of their host star. According to scientists, the newly discovered exoplanets in orbit around a nearby dwarf star might have the right conditions to support life.

Space June 19, 2019

Researchers Create 3D Holograms On Printed Materials Using Normal Ink

Lumii's technology does not require special films or lenses to create images that appear three-dimensional or holographic in certain angles. The company uses regular ink to create dynamic effects.

June 19, 2019

Shaggy Hyenas Lived, Hunted In The Frigid Arctic During The Last Ice Age

Only a handful of hyena species exist today, but this wasn't always the case. New research found that prehistoric hyenas thrived in the harsh conditions of the Arctic, hunting other animals and crossing continents.

Animals June 19, 2019

Astronomers Look Back 13 Billion Years To See Earliest Example Of Galaxies Merging

Around 13 billion years ago, two galaxies came together in an epic collision and created something entirely new to the universe. Scientists just witnessed this event.

Space June 19, 2019

Melting Of Arctic Ice Releasing Hazardous Toxins Into Atmosphere

The thawing permafrost can bring back ancient diseases, release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and dump mercury and nuclear waste that can seep into the food chain. Scientists predicted that up to 70 percent of permafrost could thaw by 2100.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2019

Former Astronaut Michael Collins Posts Previously Unreleased Photo Of Apollo 11 Crew

Fifty years after the historic Moon landing, NASA astronaut Michael Collins shared a photo of the Apollo 11 crew that the public has never seen before. The photo showed Collins holding a replica of the moon.

Space June 18, 2019

NASA Finds Newly Made Impact Crater On Mars

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted a new crater near the equator of Mars. Scientists said that the feature might have been created when a small space rock crashed into the Red Planet.

Space June 18, 2019

NASA's OSIRIS-REx Moves Closer Than Ever To Bennu Asteroid

NASA's OSIRIS-REx performed a maneuver that brought it closer to the surface of the asteroid Bennu. For the next couple of weeks, it will collect look for sites where it can safely retrieve a sample.

Space June 17, 2019

Atomic Clock Will Keep Mars Mission On Schedule

The Deep Space Atomic Clock will enable future spacecraft to be autonomous as they explore worlds far away from Earth. The technology will be launched into orbit next week onboard the Falcon Heavy for its first trial in space.

Space June 18, 2019

Scientists Discover A Protein In The Blood Of Young Mice That Prolongs Life Of Older Mice

Is this the key to immortality? Humans have been searching for the secret to eternal youth since time immemorial and new research reveals that the answer may lie in the blood of the young.

Animals June 17, 2019

Electrified Droplet Of Water Could Be Key To New Types Of Air Purification And Propulsion Tech

Researchers pinned down a simple equation that can predict the electric field strength needed to burst a water droplet into electrified mists. They claimed that their findings can help engineers develop techniques like electrospraying.

Energy June 17, 2019

Over 200 Dolphin Strandings In Gulf Of Mexico Is Triple The Usual Number, Says NOAA

What could be causing the Unusual Mortality Event affecting dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico? 261 dolphins have stranded since Feb. 1, which is three times higher than the average.

Animals June 16, 2019

Greenland Experiencing Unusual Melting, Lost 2 Billion Tons Of Ice In One Day

Greenland is experiencing an unusual ice melting event this June. It lost 2 billion tons of ice this past Thursday alone, when most melting typically occurs in July.

Earth/Environment June 15, 2019

NASA Puts Out Open Call To Private Companies On Supplying Lunar Station

NASA's Lunar Gateway is part of the United States' goal to maintain a presence on the Moon. The space station will serve as an outpost for astronauts who will explore the lunar surface and other destinations across the solar system.

Space June 15, 2019

William Shatner Takes Playful Jab At 'Star Wars' Over 'Starfleet' Symbol Found On Mars

An old rivalry between the 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars' fandom was ignited thanks to a photo captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The photo featured a mark that looks eerily like the symbol of the Starfleet.

Space June 15, 2019

Cassini Mission Dives Deep Into Inner Workings Of Saturn's Rings

In a new study, scientists analyzed data from Cassini's close encounters with Saturn's rings. They found textures and patterns, as well as understood the composition of the planet's famous feature.

Space June 14, 2019

NASA Admin Estimates New Moon Landing Mission Will Cost Up To $30 Billion

The Artemis program will place two American astronauts on the surface of the moon in 2024. It will cost up to $30 billion, which exceeds NASA's current annual budget.

Space June 14, 2019

Zebra Stripes Used To Regulate Heat, Study Finds

Why do zebras have stripes? Previous research found that it is probably to ward of biting insects, but a new one suggests it could also be helping zebras with thermoregulation.

Animals June 14, 2019

Star Trek's Starfleet Insignia Spotted On Mars Again

What is Star Trek's Starfleet insignia doing on Mars? This is not the first time that the iconic insignia was spotted on the Red Planet.

Space June 14, 2019

Could Playing Computer Games Improve Your Peripheral Vision?

Researchers have found a significant improvement in the peripheral awareness of people who played computer games specially designed around using peripheral vision.

June 13, 2019

New Web-based Tool Accelerates Research On Conditions Such As Dementia, Sports Concussion

A new paper describes a web-computing platform led by Indiana University scientists to support and publish reproducible neuroscience research.

Material Science June 13, 2019

NASA Now Working On Giving Recognition To Hidden Figures Who Helped Make Space History

In honor of the African American women whose calculations helped bring the first Americans into space, NASA renamed a street 'Hidden Figures Way' in Washington, D.C. On Wednesday, June 12, an event was held to make the designation official.

Space June 13, 2019

Researchers Introduce New Model That Could Explain Autism

Researchers genetically edited macaque monkeys to study autism in the hopes of developing new treatments for humans. During the experiment, the macaque monkeys exhibited similar behavioral patterns to humans who have the same mutations.

Animals June 13, 2019

Sun Could Still Unleash Dangerous Superflares: What Would Happen To Earth Then?

Superflares are often linked to younger, more volatile stars, but new research showed that it can also occur in mature stars like the sun. If this happens, it could have grave consequences for Earth.

Space June 13, 2019

The Hidden Oceans Of Jupiter’s Moon Europa Found Containing Basic Table Salt

Table salt has been unearthed in an alien landscape. Scientists found that sodium chloride is present on the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa, suggesting that the moon's oceans could be very similar to Earth's.

Space June 14, 2019

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