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Soy Sauce Cleanse Left Woman With Brain Damage

A woman who drank a liter of soy sauce in under two hours had cardiac arrest and severe nerve damage. She was diagnosed of the neurological disorder central pontine myelinolysis.

by Allan Adamson

Public Health

Vaping Among Teens Increases As Drinking Declines, Survey Says

The number of American teens using vape increased in the past year, worrying officials who were pressed of enforcing stricter measures to curb the issue. Others expressed concern on the youth's potential addiction to nicotine.

by Julia Manuel

Public Health

Man's Fungal Infection In Lungs Linked To Habit Of Sniffing Smelly Socks Every Day

A Chinese man who was fond of sniffing his socks after a long day's work found himself at a hospital for a lung infection. Doctors confirmed this was a result of his habit.

by Julia Manuel

Your Kids Can Call Santa Claus Using Google Home, Here's How

Kids can talk to Santa Claus this holiday season by calling him through Google Home. They can also track his exact location on Christmas Eve as well as his progress on holiday preparations.

Astronomers Discover A Young Star Forming Like A Planet

Instead of a planet forming in the rotating disc of gas and dust around the young massive star MM 1a, astronomers discovered another star. Here's why a star, and not a planet, was born.

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Team Adam Levine Loses Last Member On 'The Voice' Following Online Backlash

Team Adam Levine's final singer, Reagan Strange, left on Tuesday's episode after she had received backlash on social media. The young singer was eliminated despite having her coach's full support during last week's elimination.

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