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Galaxy Watch Active 2 To Feature ECG Heart Rate Sensor, But Not Immediately: Rumor

New rumors suggest Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Watch Active 2 will boast ECG heart rate tracking like the Apple Watch Series 4. But don’t expect it out of the box.

by Carl Velasco


New Emojis Expected For iOS 13 And Android Q Revealed

The new 2019 emojis coming to Android and iOS devices are out. Both Apple and Google have revealed their take on the upcoming icons.

by Vincent Lanaria


TF-19 Wasp Is A Flamethrower Attachment For Your Drone

Flying flamethrowers will soon be more accessible, thanks to flamethrower supplier Throwflame. At that, it has introduced the flamethrower attachment for drones called the TF-19 Wasp.

by Vincent Lanaria

Multi-Mobile (M2) Computing System Makes Android And iOS Apps Sharable On Multiple Devices

The M2 system integrates cameras, displays, microphones, speakers, sensors, and GPS to improve audio conferencing, media recording, and Wii-like gaming, and allow greater access for disabled users.

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Ontario Man Ippolit Bodounov Fined $15,000 For Trying To Smuggle Bag Of Leeches From Russia To Canada

Niagara Falls-native Ippolit Bodounov pleaded guilty to smuggling more than 4,000 of medical leeches into Canada last year. He violated the country's Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act.

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