Public Health

EPA Announces New Rule Aimed To Limit Use Of Asbestos In The US

The EPA's Significant New Use Rule is designed to curb the continued use of asbestos in the United States. Under the initiative, companies will have to seek an EPA permit first before they could make or import the dangerous substance.

by Ted Ranosa

Public Health

Vaccinated Adults May Still Get Measles: Find Out If You Need Another Jab

The steady rise of measles cases prompts urgent vaccination to help prevent the spread of the disease. Even adults who have received measles vaccine as kids may consider getting reimmunization.

by Maui Hermitanio

Healthy Living/Wellness

Scientists Discover Genes That Prevent People From Getting Fat

Genetics play a significant role in determining overall health, including weight. New research finds certain genetic variants that protect people from obesity as well as variants that trigger obesity.

by Naia Carlos

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