Women Can Skip The Placebos And Take Birth Control Pills Every Day, Says NHS

The NHS finally recognized that the inactive pills in a packet of oral contraceptives are not necessary. In the new guidelines, the agency noted that there is no harm in taking birth control pills continuously without a seven-day break.

by Diane Samson

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Study Says Brain Training App Can Help Improve Focus And Concentration

A science-backed app has improved the focus of participants in a new study by the researchers of the University of Cambridge. Decoder, which has recently been released on the Apple App Store, promises to help users perform tasks with better attention.

by Diane Samson

Public Health

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb Warns E-Cigarettes May Be Pulled Out Of Shelves If Makers Continue To Target Teens

Amid increasing youth vaping rates, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned e-cigarette products may be pulled out of market if makers continue to market them to young people. Why is e-cigarette use dangerous for kids?

by Allan Adamson

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UFC Star Ronda Rousey To Voice Sonya Blade In 'MK11', Says It's A Dream Come True

The official Sonya Blade reveal trailer published on YouTube introduces the Olympic medalist and WWE champion, Ronda Rousey, as the voice of the Sonya Blade. For Rousey, her participation in 'MK11' is a dream come true.

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