Public Health

Football Fan Day Canceled Over Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease Outbreak

According to West Virginia University authorities, five football players were found to have a hand, foot, and mouth disease. As a result, a scheduled Fan Day has been canceled for the safety of all involved.

by Athena Chan

Public Health

Exposure To This Pesticide During Pregnancy Might Lead To Autism

A new study found that exposure to DDT in pregnant women can increase the risk of developing autism in children. The infamous agent was already banned in many countries during the 1960s.

by MJ de Castro


FDA Approves Device For OCD Treatment

Transcranial magnetic stimulation was previously approved by the FDA as a means to treat depression and headaches. Now, the FDA just approved a TMS device to help patients with OCD.

by Athena Chan

Discovery Of Water-Worlds Increases Chances Of Finding Alien Life

A group of Harvard Scientists found that there are exoplanets that contained more water than Earth. The scientists said these water-worlds are bigger than our planet, suggesting that they could also support life just like Earth.

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