Scientists Find Telltale Signs Of Water On Ultima Thule

New Horizons mission scientists found traces of water ice, methanol, and organic materials on the surface of Ultima Thule. The Kuiper Belt object is the farthest ever explored by the spacecraft.

by Diane Samson

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What Children Mean When They Say Technology Is 'Creepy'

Parents are worried over the possible effects of technology on their children, but children have their own concerns over the matter, too. What exactly do children mean when they say that technology is 'creepy?'

by Athena Chan

Public Health

Biohacker Who Injected Himself With Gene-Editing Tech Now Under Investigation By Health Officials

A celebrity biohacker was summoned by California's Department of Consumer Affairs to discuss a complaint against him. The former NASA scientist and the CEO of The Odin was accused of practicing medicine without license.

by Diane Samson

First Humans On Mars Will Evolve Into An Entirely New Species Quickly, Says Evolutionary Biologist

Humans to Mars appears inevitable, but evolutionary biologist Scott Solomon is interested in what happens to the species once we get there. Among the changes he expects in Martian humans include near-sightedness, stronger bones, and loss of the immune system.

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Popular Streamers Get Paid $50,000 Per Hour To Play New Games

According to a report, top streamers who play newly released video games earn up to $50,000 per hour. This marketing method is increasingly growing in popularity as more publishers seek streamers with sizable audiences.

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