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Tuberculosis Vaccine Permanently Lowers Blood Sugar And Reverses Advanced Type 1 Diabetes: Study

Could a tuberculosis vaccine really help lower blood sugar levels? This study says yes. Participants who were given two shots of BCG showed receded blood sugar levels after five to eight years.

by Carl Velasco


Can Playing Video Games Cause Addiction? Here's What Makes A Substance Or Behavior Truly Addictive

Excessive gambling is a behavior classified by American Psychiatric Association as addiction. Can playing video games also lead to brain changes and addictive illness caused by drugs and alcohol?

by Allan Adamson


New Flu Vaccine Works Better Than Typical Flu Shot, But Only A Little

The United States is trying to create a new kind of vaccine that works better in protecting people against influenza. Flucelvax, a vaccine made in cell cultures instead of chicken eggs, could be the answer.

by Carl Velasco

Bose Sleepbuds Will Help You Doze Off By Masking Noise: Is That Worth $250?

The Bose Sleepbuds will help wearers get better sleep through their noise-masking, not noise-canceling, capabilities. However, the wireless earbuds come with a fairly expensive price of $250, considering that they are not able to play music.

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