PlayStation Vita May Not Be Dead After All With ‘First-Party Content’ Still In Development


Many believed that the PlayStation Vita was doomed to be forgotten. To add to that, Sony Computer Entertainment VP Masayasu Ito said last week that the company was not working on any first-party titles for the handheld console, saying that it was focusing on the PlayStation 4. However, recent developments indicate otherwise.

Jim Ryan, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO, told VG247 in an interview at Paris Games Week that what was said about the Vita was "either misinterpreted or misreported."

"I think what was said was that we're no longer in the business of triple-A development of games for Vita. But there is still first-party Vita content being worked upon," Ryan told the video game and industry news website.

Although Ryan didn't divulge what the titles would be like, there's a chance that it's a mix of original or ported games — well, at least hopefully. Still, it's a lot worse to just let the PlayStation Vita die a slow and agonizing death.

What's odd about this turn of events is that it differs from what Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president, said, as he suggested that upcoming Vita games were in the hands of third-party developers.

The lack of consistency is just baffling, not to mention that the PlayStation Vita was missing from Paris Games Week.

Moving forward, Ryan does seem determined to release first-party content based on his response during the interview.

"We do view it as something that will be of considerable long-term importance," he said.

It seems that it's pretty safe to assume that some interesting titles might head our way in the foreseeable future, but we probably shouldn't get our hopes up too much. In any case, let's clean off the dust on our PlayStation Vitas and forget about tossing it out because we might see a stream of titles we'd like to get our hands on.

Photo: Farley Santos | Flickr

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