Heidi Klum loves Halloween. Every year the model turned host turned entrepreneur hosts one of the biggest Hollywood Halloween bashes and every years she manages to wow the crowd and out do herself with her over-the-top costumes and transformations.

This year, with the magic and help of Mike Marino owner of Prosthetic Renaissance, she ups the ante again with an incredible transformation into the cartoon bombshell, Jessica Rabbit.  Complete with ginormous lips, cleavage and booty, a sparkly red dress, and incredibly high eyebrows, Heidi was indeed the embodiment of the curvaceous spouse of Roger Rabbit.

This is not the first time the undeniable Queen of Halloween had us absolutely floored by her no holds barred costume.  Here are Heidi Klum's looks of Halloweens past that also flaunted her flair to embrace her favorite holiday of the year.


Heidi's psychedelic butterfly costume was absolutely breathtaking last year when she unveiled her new wings at the Tao Nightclub. 

Old Lady

Most people want to dress up on Halloween but in 2013 Heidi dressed down as an old lady version of herself complete with realistic wrinkles, gray hair, a cane, and liver spots.


The Queen of Halloween was also the Queen on the Nile, dressed up all in gold in royal Egyptian regalia.

Alien Transformation

When she was still Mrs. Seal, Heidi and her hubby showed up to her big annual bash as a larger than life purple alien and Silver Surfer. 

Apple and Snake

Always one with a sense of humor, Heidi surprised everyone when she came to her Halloween party, not as Eve, and not even as Adam, but as the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden complete with an evil snake.


Heidi proved she was the goddess of Fierceness as the Hindu goddess Kali.  Her blue skin, multiple arms with various swords and severed heads, and belt of many bloody arms was totally menacing. 

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