The next-generation iPhone model, iPhone 7, will most likely not launch until September next year, but it seems that rumors have already been spreading like wildfire, including a speculation on a bezel-less iPhone.

Lately, a new concept video on the iPhone 7 has been making the rounds over the Internet, particularly on YouTube, suggesting images could likely be displayed full screen.

DeepMind, in collaboration with SvetApple, came up with an iPhone concept, showing off the device's capability to blow up images past the regular display boundaries all the way to the edges of the smartphone.

"Such concept, much original, very wow," notes a YouTube user with the handle fcknmrcls.

"Nice one," adds another user, IamPitman.

It Could Sport An OLED Display

Earlier, we delved on a speculation, saying Apple is purportedly accepting samples of OLED displays from its strongest rival in the market, Samsung.

If this rumor is true enough, it could signify this next generation iPhone will come equipped with OLED display, following the footsteps of other smartphone makers who already jumped into producing OLED display-equipped handsets.

This will likewise hint the iPhone 7 could rock better contrast and deeper blacks down the road.

An analyst also made a prediction earlier, pointing out the iPhone 7 could tout a slew of notable tweaks in its design.

Citing his reliable contacts, well-reputed analyst Gene Munster laid out a few speculations, which include the rumor of ditching the home button and the idea of making its screen more humongous or smaller.

What we also have, so far, is the probability that this device will boasts a sapphire display, which is reported to be extra-resistant. In the past, the Cupertino-based company only employed sapphire on its Apple Watch.

Since the next-generation iPhone will still land a year from now, a possibility exists that these rumors that have surfaced could turn out to be fictitious. As such, taking these things with a grain of salt is smart.

Check out the video below and be stunned with the new concept of iPhone 7. From the looks of it, it seems that this possible extra feature of the iPhone 7 is gorgeous.

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