LG has a new smartphone in the pipeline which could possibly be a variant of its popular LG G4 smartphone or a new device altogether - perhaps the LG G5?

An unnamed mysterious smartphone from the South Korean smartphone maker has surfaced online as it passed through the FCC. The LG device has the model number LG-H815PX and has received certification from the FCC in the U.S., suggesting that its release is not far away.

The documents for the impending LG device popped-up online on FCC on Tuesday, Nov. 3. The model number of the device hints at the possibility of it being a variant of the LG G4 since the South African and South American models of the smartphone have the code "H815P." The LG G4 has the number H815.

Based on the FCC documents, the unnamed LG device will not have any hardware changes from the LG G4, barring the inclusion of WCDMA Band 4 (with software unlock). The FCC listing also reveals that the mysterious LG device will also boast wireless charging. The inclusion of this feature seems to hint at the possibility of LG introducing a variant of the LG G 4 with wireless charging. LG could be eyeing a new variant to target holiday shoppers on the lookout for a new device.

The possibility of the anonymous LG smartphone being the LG G5 seems to be a long shot as the flagship released in April this year. Moreover, the product number on the FCC documents do not seem to be in alignment with what the company would use for the next-gen LG phone (LG G3 was D850 and the LG G4 is H815).

It is likely that the LG-H815PX is a refresh of the LG G4 and not the successor of the smartphone, which is rumored to house the latest Snapdragon 820 SoC from Qualcomm.

With rumors hinting at a November launch for the LG G5, we will soon know if the LG-H815PX is a new device or a variant of the LG G4.

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