The much-anticipated launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops III took place last night (Nov. 6) but it seems developer Treyarch could be gearing up to tackle what could be yet another PR nightmare. Why? As PC gamers are facing several issues such as low frame rates and the inability to play Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

The PC version is reportedly riddled with problems and is not optimized properly. Players are not only encountering pathetic frame rates, but also black screens and freezing of the game. They are experiencing lags, inaccessible multiplayer and sudden crashes. Occasionally, people are also being plagued by the blue screen.

The listing for the game on Steam is inundated with negative feedback from gamers who are affected by the issues and "is not a recommended" the title.

"When i was 6 years old, my uncle came over and had a really cool board game. He told me it was the best game ever, and sold it to me for all my allowance I had been saving up from my parents. Long story short, most of the pieces were missing and my uncle was addicted to meth and ripped me off. I've never felt like I did as a child that day until now. Thanks Treyarch," notes a disillusioned gamer's review on Steam.

"On a computer that played the beta fine, but the release product is unplayable. Don't think you're in the clear just because your computer ran the beta," says another gamer.

The official forum for Black Ops 3 is also full of complaints from irate gamers.

"My entire computer just shuts down no blue screen no crash report just turns off after a game of zombies on Black ops 3 but only after we die on the first map not giant," complains a user.

Some gamers are also being plagued by launch errors and frame rates that are terribly low.

The blue screen is not the only issue, some gamers are also encountering black screen post starting the game. The game ultimately crashes back to the desktop.

"When i start up blackops 3, i see the treyarch and activision logo's and then it goes to a black screen following a crash to desktop," revealed a gamer.

Treyarch has acknowledged the existence of the issues and divulged that these are occurring on some PCs running the Intel Core i5 processor. It is working on addressing the problem and have given a temporary workaround.

"We have released a patch to address issues with performance on some CPUs including Intel i5 processors," notes the developer on Steam.

Treyarch also says that if one sets the frames per second or FPS cap below the refresh rate of the PC's monitor, then the lag issue could be resolved.

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