In celebration of the airline's 20th anniversary, EasyJet has debuted its futuristic new uniforms for cabin crew and engineers, which come packed with smart features, including built-in LED, video camera, microphone and air quality sensors.

The staff of U.K's EasyJet will soon sport this smart uniform, which the airline created in collaboration with fashion tech company CuteCircuit, a company that has collaborated with stars such as Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger and U2. 

The built-in microphones on the smart uniforms are necessary when the engineers, crew and pilots exchange information with each other.

The uniforms for engineers will be embellished with LEDs and reflective panels, particularly on the hood to illuminate their work areas. In case passengers do not remember their flight number and destination, the shoulder part of the cabin crew's uniform will be adorned with LEDs that will show the needed details. This is on top of the specific function of the LEDs to offer additional lighting in case of an emergency.

These are also have built-in video cameras that can beam images to flight engineers when it is essential to remotely assess and resolve issues.

In addition, ground staff members will be provided with jacket cuffs, which feature LEDs to assist in the aircraft movement.

Air quality sensors and a barometer will also monitor the work environment and create an air quality map in various cities.

"Our crew's primary concern is for the safety of all passengers so it is really exciting to be working on this pioneering technology which could transform the capability of our uniforms," says Tina Milton, EasyJet's head of cabin crew.

She adds the uniforms will be of great help during an emergency as the cabin crew will be easily identified.

The airline plans to commence in trying out this wearable tech uniform early next year. This will be the first time such wearable technology will be used in a commercial airline.

Moreover, to commemorate its anniversary and make it more festive, an EasyJet plane was covered with over 100,000 photos of its travelers' holiday snaps.

Wayback Nov. 10, 1995, the very first flight of EasyJet took off from Luton to Glasgow. To date, EasyJet flies more than 68 million travelers to 137 airports in 31 nations. Currently, it operates 788 routes all over Europe.

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