Surprise and cryptic pregnancies where mothers are unaware of carrying an offspring are not uncommon. This surprise pregnancy story, however, is one for the records.

Philadelphians Kayden (29 years old) and Elijah Coleman (27 years old) were dating for a year when they had the surprise of their lives. On the outside, they seem like a happily married gay couple. But Kayden was actually born biologically female and had already been taking testosterone for five years when he learned about the pregnancy.

At first, the Colemans didn't find anything special about Kayden's extra belly weight, simply shoving it off as a lack of exercise. However, as his midsection grew, he began to complain of back aches and the two started joking that Kayden's belly could be carrying a bundle of joy.

Soon, the couple took matters seriously, deciding it was time to take a home pregnancy test when Kayden said he felt like there was a pillow under his stomach while Elijah was giving him a back massage for his pain. The positive test result, along with a trip to the gynecologist confirmed that he was in fact already 21 weeks pregnant.

Kayden shared with reporters that the pregnancy was definitely a surprise. “Because of the male hormones, I didn’t think it was a possibility,” he said. They figured that the baby was conceived during the six-week window when Kayden was not taking testosterone in preparation for a double mastectomy surgery.

However, breaking the news of their upcoming bundle of joy was not easy for the Colemans as Kayden had not yet come out to Elijah's family as a transgender. However, with little time to prepare for the arrival of their baby, they had no time to dwell on the harsh words said to them and instead set out to work on turning their apartment into a home for their growing family and got married in July 2013.

In December 2013, their daughter, Azaelia, was born. Kayden was reportedly in labor for four days and finally demanded a C-section when he became tired of medical students coming in and out of their room constantly.

With the arrival of their baby girl, they shared that despite the rift with their family being mended, the first year of being parents was difficult. Kayden suffered from post-partum depression and had to quit his museum job to be with his daughter. Elijah, on the other hand, had to work 10-hour shifts to make ends meet and "wasn't around much." Both didn't have their families nearby to help them.

Nevetheless, the two persevered through the tough times and are now the proud parents of Azaelia, who's 22 months old.

 The Colemans

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She calls Kayden “Daddy” and Elijah “Poppy.” The couple said they plan on telling her the more unusual details of their family story once she turns five.

“Kids are a lot more understanding and receptive than adults. But I don’t plan on making a big deal out of it. I’ve never made a big deal out of it when telling anyone, because to me it’s not a big deal,” said Kayden.

Kayden is planning to have a hysterectomy as part of the final stages of his transition.

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