Of all the vehicles in Ford's lineup, the Escape ranks second in sales, right after the F-150 pickup. No less than 306,212 Escape vehicles sold during 2014, making Ford's crossover almost as popular as Honda's CR-V.

It is relatively simple to create a great compact crossover. All you need to do is mix utility with cabin space and off-road functionality with towering seats. The 2017 model of Ford Escape promises to do all that and more. Soft visual restyling and serious technology load join the new-to-the-model EcoBoost engines to create an attractive, potent and up-to-date vehicle.

Tech Tweaks

The 2017 Escape model comes with major tweaks for several features, such as park assistance and lane keeping, lane-departure monitoring and adaptive cruise control. Through a new version of Sync 3, the on-board computer, both iOS and Android apps can be used to start the car from a distance, operate the locks on doors and get info on the gas level.

An important mention goes to the stop-start feature, which is one of the eco and consumer novelties on the EcoBoost engines. The sensors understand when the car sits idle and turn off the engine in order to save gas, leading to an average 5 percent fuel economy in the cluttered urban traffic. The engine starts on its own in no time (no more than half a second, the company says) when you take your foot off the brake.

EcoBoost, i-VCT Engines

The 2017 Escape Crossover comes in three variants - the S, the SE and the Titanium - with two engine types: the i-VCT and EcoBoost.

The Escape S gets a four-cylinder engine with a 2.5-liter i-VCT, while the Escape SE uses a 1.5-liter EcoBoost to generate 180 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque. The Escape Titanium will receive the mightier 2-liter EcoBoost, running a full 245 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque.

Quietness Is Quality

According to the company, the 2017 Escape crossover focuses on giving clients what they want.

The exterior got revamped the most, with just the windshield, roof, doors and rear glass carrying over. Ford paid attention to its fan base and found out that they "equate quietness to quality." This is why an underbody shield, better insulation and acoustic glass are part of the new design, ensuring that the Escape's routes are as quiet as possible.

The overall design also has some contemporary highlights coming from the redesigned wheels (six new designs), active grill shutters and LED tail lamps. There are three color options: White Gold, Lightning Blue and Canyon Ridge.

Interior Comfort

The big design changes, however, are more visible inside the car. The steering wheel was upgraded not only in looks but in handling as well. The center stack can now hold two cups and one smartphone, and allows your elbow to rest comfortably. The classic brake lever has been replaced by an electronic parking brake that works by touching a button.

With impressive improvements all around, we are confident that the popularity of the Ford Escape can only increase due to the new and improved features offered by the 2017 models.

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