The new version does more than showing the route and travel time estimate. Bikers will be able to see small diagrams that give information on elevation levels found in each route. This is very helpful when the biker is not interested to take an uphill route even though it is the shorter route option. The feature, which is still on beta, creates a route timeline and multiple routes comparison in the search interface.

Another notable feature is the enhanced navigation mode which recognizes the biker's voice. Once it is placed on a voice mode, the biker can start giving commands and asking questions. Some of the questions that it is programmed to understand and respond to would include "What's my next turn" and "How long until I arrive." Likewise, it can respond to commands that seek traffic warnings and updates.

However, the biker should remember that in order to get an appropriate response, he should speak using the proper and precise phrasing of his words. While the feature is said to have rolled out in 14 countries, it is not confirmed whether it understands several or a few identified languages.

The new Google Maps version is now accessible in countries that have available bike routes. These would include Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, Canada, and the US.

Other nifty features of the updated version of Google Maps include an Uber card in the navigation's car tab, the "mute voice guidance" recognition, and "Your Places" filter. The ETA information is no longer displayed in bold type.    

The List View feature, which had been added recently to the iOS version of Google Maps, will soon be added to Android. The feature enables easier viewing of a search category such as "restaurants" by showing a full list instead of showing various options and display them one by one.

In the meantime, Google Maps version 3.2.0 has an expanded "Explore" feature which acts like a local guide and shows various places and activities which depend on the user's current location and time zone. Gmail-sent information such as reservations and appointments can also be viewed in the new Maps app. 

Users can check the new version out by downloading the Android Application Package (APK) file. Once it's downloaded, users can install it over the existing app. The app's new features are available by default and should be ready for testing out.

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