Quora Launches Writing Sessions To Rival Reddit's 'Ask Me Anything' Segments


If you're familiar with Reddit's Ask Me Anything open court question-and-answer segments, you know that they could be downright brutal at times with users telling celebrities exactly how they feel, even if that means trolling them beyond belief.

Well, Quora has announced its launching a new feature, Writing Sessions, which is expected to rival the AMAs.

"Today we are launching a new feature — Writing Sessions — that lets askers (1) know when a domain expert is looking for interesting questions to answer and (2) collaborate to assemble a great set of questions for the expert to answer," a blog post from Quora said as part of the announcement.

Using the Quora app, you'll now be sent a notification when a Writing Session is confirmed, prompting you to submit a question in advance instead of live. That way — unlike the AMAs — Quora has time to filter the questions, removing ones that are too harsh, include profanity or flat out just don't make any sense.

The approved questions will be posted on the app, so fellow users can either upvote or downvote. That input will help decide the order that the questions will be asked, when the Writing Session goes live.

The introduction of Writing Sessions is smart, considering it will allow Quora to weed out nasty or irrelevant questions in attempt to deliver the best Q&A and it will also give the subject time to think about a response and come up with the best answer possible.

Sounds like a win-win.

Quora also plans to keep the content from their 60-minute Writing Sessions on the app to be viewed well after it's over.

Although it could have many users fed up with the AMAs switching, there's an audience for Reddit's platform, too, so it will be interesting to see if Quora makes a significant dent in its competitor here.

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