Elon Musk Makes Tesla's Autonomous Technology 'Super High Priority,' Looking To Hire 'Hardcore Software Engineers'


How often do you see a billionaire CEO take on the public role of a job recruiter via social media?

That's exactly what Elon Musk did Thursday night, taking to his Twitter account to let everyone know that Tesla is mashing the dash on autonomous technology and is looking for "hardcore software engineers" to join the automaker's Autopilot software team. Musk even mentioned that he'll be personally conducting interviews for this "super high priority."

Musk's urgent tweets demonstrate Tesla advancing toward delivering a self-driving car. Even before Musk tweeted Thursday night, the automaker seemed to be moving in that direction with its autopilot feature on the Model S, which can also parallel park itself.

With Google testing its autonomous cars on public roads and Apple reportedly hiring auto execs to load up a strategy, it seems like Musk doesn't wants to be left out in the dark when it comes to tech giants and self-driving cars.

Call it a hunch, but Tech Times doesn't think the billionaire CEO will struggle to land the software engineers he needs to advance Tesla in autonomous technology even further.

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