There's another incident of an Apple product burning a consumer, though that isn't to imply that such cases are rare or anything more than bizarre. This time, a man is claiming an Apple Watch cooked his wrist.

An elderly man from Denmark, Jãrgen Mouritzen, claims his left wrist was severely burned by an Apple Watch. It began glowing on his wrist, burning so hot it torched his wrist and then his finger when he tried to remove the smartwatch, he says.

While at a flying club meeting, he felt a sharp pain on his wrist. He could smell his flesh burning, he says.

"And the strap was so hot that as I scrambled to try and pull it off my arm, I even burnt my fingers," says Mouritzen. "There was nothing else around that could have heated the strap up other than the watch, but Apple have still not given me any explanation."

Not only has Mouritzen received an explanation from Apple, he says he has yet to receive any time of response from the company.

"I was happy with the watch and generally happy with Apple products, and I'm sure it's very rare that this should happen," Mouritzen says. "However, I'm surprised it's taken them so long to do anything or to help out a customer."

Again, these cases are rare and that's if they're true. Back in March, a New York man alleged that an iPhone 5C exploded in his pocket while at a wake on Valentine's Day.

Erik Johnson, of Lindenhurst, NY said he received third-degree burns and had to spend a week in the hospital as a result of the iPhone ordeal. Johns bent over to pick up his keys while his iPhone was in his pocket, and that's when he heard a loud "pop," he said.

"And just like an instant burn, my leg just starts going on fire, try to get it out, can't get it out," said Johnson. "I was literally jumping up and down trying to get the phone out of my pocket, but I think the phone melted my pockets shut so I couldn't get into it and I had to rip my pants off and throw the pants to the side."

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