A company called Chaotic Moon has rolled out a temporary tattoo that serves as an embeddable fitness tracker.

Called "the new wearable" by company CEO Ben Lamm, the Tech Tat comes complete with a micro controller and LED lights, and is essentially a FitBit you never have to take off. The tat has the ability to monitor stress levels and body temperature, as well as heart rate, blood pressure, and more. The data the Tech Tat collects can then be transferred from the tracker to an app with the help of the what the tat is made from itself -- electroconducive paint, rather than traditional ink.

So why a tat, rather than a more run-of-the-mill wearable?

"This is really going beyond what the fitness tracker is, and we're right now looking into the medical field specifically because there are a lot of monitoring devices that take up a lot of room and space," said Eric Schneider, Chaotic Moon's creative technologist. "So rather than going once a year to the doctor to get your physical, this tattoo can be something that you put on your body once a year and it monitors everything that they would do in a physical and send it to your doctor."

Additionally, the Tech Tat can be used for preventative medical measures -- as long as you know what to look out for, it can alert the wearer as to whether they are falling ill. The device is even more appealing to parents, who can use the tat to get a heads-up as to whether their children are falling ill, which can especially be beneficial if their child or children does not necessarily yet have the communication skills to verbalize exactly how they're feeling.

As Engadget points out, the Tech Tat is the first step into a whole new world of body-modified wearables, which can serve as a litmus test regarding usability for other applications, like using temporary tattoo technology to track the whereabouts of children who go missing, or to check up on soldiers in combat.

Check out Chaotic Moon's tech tat in the video below.


Via: Engadget

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