There are plenty of apps, Tinder, for example, designed to help people meet other people. However, did you know that there are also apps designed to help people meet dogs?

There is a new app called Bark'n'Borrow, and it basically matches up dog owners with people who wish they could have a dog but are unable to because their landlord doesn't allow it, they have to travel a lot for work or for other reasons.

"I was contemplating rescuing a dog — I grew up with dogs — but I was working 12 or 13 hour days," said Bark'n'Borrow founder Liam Berkeley in an interview with Fast.Coexist. "My girlfriend at the time was still in school and had a job on the side. So as much as we were thinking of getting one, we knew it wasn't the best idea."

Berkeley says that he began meeting dogs that belonged to his neighbors whenever he went out and ended up suggesting that he take the canines out a few days a week when he went running.

It's really a win-win situation. The dog gets some much-loved attention, the dog owner gets a dog walker or dog sitter for free and the user gets to play with their new friend.

The app itself is pretty simple. Each dog has a photo, along with some basic data like breed, age and how well-trained he or she is. Keywords like "affectionate" and "curious" can also be entered into the profile. Those using the app can reach out to dog owners to arrange a meeting, and if everything goes well, the dog lover and dog can take their relationship to the next level — dog sitting, runs and so on.

Of course, it will take some time for dog owners to trust the dog lover with their dog. The app, however, lets each potential borrower to try and minimize risk, and Berkeley says he thinks it should work if borrowers, owners and dogs take the time to get to know one other.

Currently, the app is free for both parties, and while there is a section for professional dog walkers, who will charge a fee, the main service will remain free for now. Eventually, however, Berkeley says that borrowers will be charged a small fee to help cover things like insurance and customer support.

Via: Fast.Coexist

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