The United States was one of the hot spots for deals over the past weekend and Apple was the biggest winner of the shopping spree, according to a recent analysis.

Technology bargain enthusiasts from around the world enjoyed the beginning of the shopping season with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, one more attractive than the other.

According to Global Equities' Trip Chowdhry, Apple is in the cards for its best Black Friday sales performance ever. One of the reasons the Cupertino-based company fared so well in the last weekend was the company's decision to give a free hand to third-party retailers, who crafted their own Apple offers.

"This year, Apple decided not to provide any holiday promotions on its own Apple Stores, but let the various retailers create their own promotions and sales," Chowdhry said.

Another factor that contributed to Apple's score was the immense demand for Apple Watches, which ranked first in the sales list of the company's products.

Chowdhry's relied on data collected from important vendors to assess Apple's sales performance and concluded that Apple beat all its previous Black Friday sales records. Big American retailers such as Best Buy, Target and Apple Stores themselves offered the sales data, confirming the analysts' conclusion. To help with the weekend's "war effort," Apple increased its expert sales force up to four times in its partner's shops.

The Global Equities' expert further mentions that the Apple Watch was the star of the Black Friday - Cyber Monday period, and discounts such as B&H's $50 off definitely helped the wearable make its way to customers' wrists.

Although iPad sales are lower than what the Apple would want, in the last weekend the iPad Air 2 was the most sought-after product for children over eight years old, while the iPad mini conquered the hearts of kids under eight. 

An estimation from Daniel Ives, analyst at FBR & Co., shows that this holiday season might see the Cupertino-based company selling up to six million Apple Watches, give or take. Seeing how the public jumped on the offers for the wearable, the prediction might happen faster than expected.

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