He’s a fan favorite among the geek crowd and a veritable cinema icon to movie aficionados, but it turns out that director Christopher Nolan has never stepped foot inside the hallowed halls of the San Diego Comic-Con. Until last night, that is.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the man behind “The Dark Knight Trilogy” and “Inception” walked into Paramount’s Hall H panel unannounced to a thunderous ovation in order to talk about his upcoming sci-fi film, “Interstellar.”

"I thought I'd see what the fuss was about," quipped Nolan, who is fully aware that fans have been hoping for him to appear at the show ever since he was announced as the director of “Batman Begins.”

Nolan, who is famous for his dedication to keeping his movies a secret until their debut, said that he is employing “innovative techniques” for “Interstellar,” but he stopped short of saying what those techniques are.

"I'm not going to tell you what they are because I wanted you to see the film,” he told the crowd.

One of the film’s stars, Matthew McConaughey, was also at the panel. He described to the crowd what it is like to work with Nolan.

"We moved fast. Two, three takes and we moved on. It felt very much like a big independent film," he told the audience. He then stated that “Interstellar” is "by far the most ambitious film Mr. Nolan has directed."

Nolan was on hand at the panel to show the crowd a new trailer for the sci-fi film. And while only people at the panel got to see it, the trailer will be online sometime in the coming weeks. Mostly everything about “Interstellar” is being kept a secret, but it has been revealed that the movie will focus around a group of astronauts traveling through wormholes in order to reach other planets.

Some of the ideas in the script are based, in part, on the work of theoretical physicist Kip Thorne. Outside of that, audiences likely won’t know much until they see the movie for themselves when it hits theaters on November 7.

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