Developer Open Whisper Systems announced the launch of its encrypted messaging app for desktops on Wednesday.

Praised by Edward Snowden, the open source app, called Signal, will now be available for desktops as a free Chrome app. Signal for desktop allows users to seamlessly continue their conversations when moving to and from their mobile devices and desktop computers.

The Chrome app links to the user's phone, syncing messages that are sent and received. This allows users to continue to text their friends when they move on to their home computers, without having to continuously break away from their task at hand to check their mobile device.

Just like its mobile version, the Signal Chrome app provides users with a free way to securely chat, send files and share pictures and videos with individuals or a group of friends without SMS fees.

Even though the app is open source so that the developers can address technical issues, Signal is know for its security thanks to its end-to-end encryption. This means developers won't be able to see the messages sent, and user's won't have to worry about hackers getting access to the information shared.

The desktop beta for the chat app will only work with Android devices for now, but iOS support is expected in the near future.

Android users who want to take advantage of the desktop version can do so by signing up for early access to the beta on the Open Whisper Systems website.

Open Whisper Systems recently rolled out Signal for Android in November.

Source: Open Whisper Systems

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