Almost all smartphone manufacturers announced when they will update their handsets with the latest Android OS, but there is one OEM who takes discretion to a new level when it comes to telling users when Android Marshmallow will land on their devices. Enter Lenovo.

While the OEM has yet to make a public announcement, it did reveal its Marshmallow roadmap during a discrete presentation in China and some photos are now available on Weibo, disclosing promising information about the update.

Alongside some uninteresting photographs, there is one that catches the eye, as it shows when the Marshmallow goodies will arrive on Lenovo phones. 

Some of the handsets that show up on the list are the Vibe X3, Vibe P1, K3 Note and the A7000+ series. A part of them should receive the update during the first three months of 2016, while a myriad of other Lenovo smartphones must wait until July next year to run the latest Android OS version.

According to the post on Weibo, the K3 Note (international version) will be the first to get updated in March 2016. Next in line seem to be the Chinese variants of Vibe P1 (pictured above) and Vibe X3, also scheduled for March updates.

The K3 Note (Chinese version) alongside international models of the A7000, Vibe S1 and Vibe P1 also line up for the update. The last devices to get the best of Android Marshmallow will be the international variants of the A7000 Plus and Vibe X3, and this should happen in July 2016.

Other companies such as Huawei and Motorola revealed their rollout schedule for the Android update, and recent reports revealed that Samsung is also preparing the Marshmallow update for some of its devices.

For the American market, Lenovo was never the first (or second) choice. However, due to the low prices and reliability of its devices, its popularity in developing countries is rather high.

Lenovo owns Motorola, a company that traditionally gives its clients the latest updates, as quickly as possible. There is a high chance that Lenovo Mobile learned a lot from the American phone manufacturer, thus choosing to speed up the Android Marshmallow update for its own devices.

Lenovo purchased Motorola from Google in 2014. After the transaction, the Chinese corporation decided to let Motorola maintain its brand identity, and the success of the Moto X and Moto G models demonstrates that Lenovo made the right call.

We'll let you know as soon as the Android Marshmallow update goes live on Lenovo smartphones, so stay tuned.

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