It's official: System Shock 3 is happening.

Rumors surrounding the long-awaited sequel have been popping up and fading away for years now, but everything changed when Night Dive Studios began remastering the original System Shock games. The franchise had come back from the dead out of nowhere, and System Shock was suddenly back on the radar...but getting an old game to run on modern hardware is far from a full-fledged sequel. Sadly, Night Dive was tight-lipped about the possible existence of System Shock 3 - until last week, that is.

On Dec. 8, a less-than-subtle teaser site appeared, seemingly confirming that a third game in the sci-fi series was on its way. However, despite the teasers and hints, some fans were still hesitant to believe that System Shock 3 was real - the Internet is no stranger to hoaxes.

Thankfully, those worries can now be put to rest: thanks to an official press release from Otherside Entertainment and Night Dive Studios, System Shock 3 has officially been announced!

While the announcement is more than enough on its own, the good news doesn't stop there: Otherside Entertainment has confirmed that several key members of the original System Shock teams have returned, including System Shock 2 senior artist Nate Wells, series developer Paul Neurath, and SHODAN herself, Terri Brosius.

Unfortunately, that's where the new info stops: Otherside has yet to reveal any details about the game itself. As of now, there's no telling if System Shock 3 will follow in its predecessors' footsteps or try something new - but, given the amount of love that Otherside Entertainment and Night Dive Studios have given the original games, it's safe to say that System Shock 3 is in good hands.

Expect to see more of System Shock 3 in the coming months...perhaps it'll make an appearance at E3 2016?

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