Howard Stern announced on Tuesday morning's edition of "The Howard Stern Show" that he has officially renewed his contract with SiriusXM and will continue broadcasting on the satellite radio service for the next 5 years. He also revealed that a new app, which allows video streaming of the show, will be made available to listeners.

Fans of the radio star were treated to an early Christmas (or late Hanukkah) present when Stern made the announcement just minutes after the start of the show. Howard began by informing listeners that he did in fact finally know the details regarding his future on SiriusXM, and that he was being honest the morning before when he told callers who inquired that he himself was unsure whether he would be returning to his satellite radio channels.

Clearly a deal was finalized sometime on Monday, because an emotional Howard eloquently thanked Sirius head honcho Jim Meyer for his honesty and professionalism, and extended his appreciation to his staff and the show's fans. Stern also mentioned that Sirius wanted the announcement made right away, indicating the company, which quickly trumpeted the news on its website, is looking to begin cashing in immediately via holiday radio sales and subscriptions.

Stern's loyal sidekick Robin Quivers cried openly when expressing her joy at the prospect of working with Howard for another 5 years, recalling how the past 5 had been very difficult for her. During that time, Quivers almost lost her life to cancer, but made a remarkable recovery, and Tuesday credited Howard with helping save her life. Howard responded by telling Quivers how much he loves her, that she "makes it easy" for him to do the show, and that he didn't think he could do it without her.

The show will continue in its usual 7 a.m. time slot, Stern said, and he made no specific reference to any sort of change in his work schedule in the new deal. Observers had speculated that Howard might cut the number of shows a week or number of weeks a year that he works, especially if there was any reduction in his salary. The financial details of the pact have not been revealed.

Stern also announced that a new app will be developed featuring a video component which will ostensibly allow subscribers to live-stream the show on video, and that other new video elements of the show would also be introduced via the app.

Predictably, show staffers and listeners were elated, with many of the show's regular callers and on-air personalities expressing their happiness and relief that a long-term deal is now in place. After Wednesday's big Christmas show, "The Howard Stern Show" takes a holiday break, but will return on Jan. 4, 2016.

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