Woman Names Baby 'Uber' After Giving Birth In Backseat Of Ride-Hailing Service's Car


Call it a ride-hailing baby.

The Times of India is reporting that a New Delhi woman named her baby "Uber" after she gave birth to a baby boy inside the backseat of the ride-hailing service's car last week.

According to the newspaper, the woman went into labor at home, but failed to get a live emergency operator on the phone, when her calls went unanswered. (What a time for emergency calls to go unanswered).

Thinking fast — and in clear desperation — she requested an Uber car and called two of her friends to join her to the nearest hospital.

The problem is too much precious time ticked off the clock while all that impromptu planning was taking place and the baby had to be delivered right then and there in the Uber car.

The Times of India reports that driver Babli Shahnawaz — who might double as a super hero — sprung to action, helping the woman deliver the baby right in the backseat of the car.

"The woman was writhing in pain and her friends didn't know what to do," Shahnawaz told the Times of India. "I pulled out the towels from the seats and poured some drinking water into a bowl. The child was born within minutes and I was really happy to see that he was responding."

The new mother was so overcome with joy and appreciative over the driver's actions, that she decided to name her baby boy "Uber" at the hospital.

"The doctors asked if I was her husband. I narrated the entire incident after which they congratulated me," Shahnawaz said. "This was one of the happiest moment of my life."

Shahnawaz should get a major company bonus and the ride-hailing app should consider giving baby Uber a lifetime's worth of free rides.

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