Nvidia announced that it is giving away five free in-game lunchboxes to the first 50,000 players who own a Shield Tablet K1.

The free bundle offer is exclusively available to those who own a Shield Tablet K1, a perfect device for playing Fallout Shelter. The tablet recently got the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, making it one of the first devices to take advantage of the latest Android OS.

Some of the biggest features brought by the update include the new Google Now on Tap, adaptable storage, and Google's App Standby System.

The free Lunchboxes contain four Fallout Shelter cards with each providing at least a guaranteed rare or better card. Other possible freebies to expect from the lunchbox packs include consumables, in-game currency and more.

Fallout Shelter is a game created by Bethesda that caters to mobile device users. Players assume the role of a Vault overseer and are faced with a number of tasks that include sending people to Wasteland exploration, creating jobs for dwellers and giving protection to citizens from Deathclaws and Raider Attacks.

"We're giving away a special gift exclusively for Shield Tablet K1 owners: A FREE Bundle of 5 Lunchboxes to the first 50,000 players," said Nvidia in the announcement.

In order for players to get the free bundle offer, they can start by first registering the serial number of their Shield Tablet K1. This information can be obtained by going to the Settings app and then tapping "About Tablet." Next, they have to tap "Status," copy the serial number, and paste it into the redemption page of Nvidia.

Players will then be given on-screen instructions to help them complete the redemption process. They will then receive an email containing the link for redeeming the free Lunchboxes bundle.

"To use, open the Fallout Shelter app, tap the Pip-Boy icon on the bottom right, select the Lunchbox icon and enjoy your free Lunchboxes!," said Nvidia.

Winner of Google Play Editor's Choice and Best of 2015 awards, Fallout Shelter is available for free at Google Play. If the Marshmallow update for the Nevidia Tablet K1 was not enough, the Fallout lunchboxes filled with treats definitely add to the good news and further boost excitement.

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