Images showing off the interiors of Elon Musk's humongous Tesla Gigafactory have cropped up and they look gorgeous.

The Tesla Gigafactory is slated to be finished in 2020. Once completed, it is going to be hailed as the second largest building by volume. In terms of size, it is going to be thrice the size of New York's Central Park.

While videos of the Gigafactory's exterior captured by a drone leaked out in the past, photographers have been barred from taking pictures inside the building.

These first pictures of the facility are courtesy of the renowned commercial photographer James Lipman, via his official Instagram account.

It looks like Tesla has hired Lipman to carry out a commercial shoot for the company.

One of the photos he shared showcased a well-designed entrance with white and black furniture and a huge logo of the Gigafactory.

Another photo showed the electric car chargers Tesla installed outside the building, capturing the desert landscape in the background.

We're hoping to see more pictures and videos soon so we can get a glimpse of what else is interesting about the gigantic facility.

Journalists Arrested

Back in October, a pair of journalists was arrested for allegedly trespassing into the Gigafactory.

One of the two journalists involved in an altercation with one of the security guards is Reno Gazette Journal's photographer Andy Baron.

"We appreciate the interest in the Gigafactory, but the repeated acts of trespassing, including by those working for the RGJ, is illegal, dangerous and needs to stop," said Tesla.

Last year, Tesla picked Nevada as a home to its battery Gigafactory.

It is now tagged as the most high-tech and biggest battery production facility across the globe. There is no doubt the Gigafactory has captured the attention of a lot of people, particularly those who are working in media.

In the meantime, earlier this month, officials of the mysterious electric vehicle startup Faraday Future is also heading to Nevada to build its $1 billion factory.

"I'm happy to share with you that we have selected Nevada to be the home of the first global manufacturing site for Faraday Future," said Dag Reckhorn, Faraday Future's Vice President of Manufacturing.

The Gigafactory will sit on a 3-million-square-foot facility (approximately 900 acres).

At the moment, it seems that the photographer pulled some of the photos from his Instagram account.

#Tesla #Gigafactory 1 site at Sparks, NV A photo posted by James Lipman (@jameslipman) on Dec 26, 2015 at 4:15pm PST

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