There's no denying that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a story about Geralt of Rivia. He may get tangled up in more than a few different side-plots, but at the end of the day, The Witcher 3 is all about Geralt and how he affects the world around him.

That being said, it's not as if The Witcher 3 is afraid to let Geralt share the spotlight. Ciri, one of gaming's favorite new characters, makes several appearances through the game, and she's far from the only female character to make an impression on Geralt. They're all so well-developed, it's a shame that the game doesn't give you a chance to take control of them more often.

Of course, if you're playing the PC version, there's always mods: user Parkan recently released a mod that allows players to take control of one of the game's four main female characters. There are a few rough spots that could be smoothed out, but considering that the mod basically adds in four new playable characters, it's hard to complain:

To be clear, it's not as if CD Projekt Red hid the code four an extra set of playable characters in the game and never used it: Triss, Shani, Yennefer and Ciri all use Geralt's default animations for both traversal and combat. For the most part, it looks perfectly fine, but you may come across a few instances where the animations were clearly designed with the game's male protagonist in mind.

Speaking of Geralt, it'd be a bit much to expect Parkan to record new dialogue for four new characters - as such, Geralt's voice is still used in conversations. It's a bit jarring at times, but it's hard not to laugh when a young woman speaks with the voice of a grizzled monster hunter.

Minor nitpicks aside, the mod is extremely impressive. Parkan has included a number of different outfits and hairstyles for all four characters, and there's even a smaller, separate mod that can be used to give your character and NPC follower.

So, if you needed an excuse to dive back into the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, check out Parkan's work over at his NexusMods page. For something a bit more official, the second Witcher 3 expansion pack, Blood and Wine, should be out sometime early next year.

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