Every January, thousands of journalists, photographers and technology-loving enthusiasts converge upon Las Vegas, turning Sin City upside down for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Well, those people will be happy to know that they'll be staying connected, while manuevering around the crowded city for CES 2016 next week. That's because, Tech Crunch is reporting that Uber will be offering Wi-Fi access in its Las Vegas cars for the week-long technology show.

The website says the amenity was made possible thanks to Uber tabbing Vinli and T-Mobile to outfit its Vegas cars with Wi-Fi for the limited-time basis. Vinli should be more than up to the task, considering its hardware essentially transforms cars into wireless hotspots.

Vinli achieves that by tapping into a vehicle's OBD II data port — something standard found on all cars since the mid-1990s. After that, a smartphone connects to Vinli's hardware device via Bluetooth, offering an array of apps, including a T-Mobile 4G LTE hotspot, which will be found in Uber's Vegas cars next week. Pretty cool, especially considering the ride-hailing service just launched in Sin City this past September.

This partnership for CES could eventually pave the way for Uber to work with Vinli to give all of its cars wireless access in the near future.

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