CES 2016 is shaping up to be a strong show for team Lenovo, from the high-concept modular X1 Tablet, to a clever take on the lowly mouse. But it's the Yoga 900S that be the company's real all-star for the week.

The thin and light is a great looking piece of hardware that's particularly striking if you opts for the color configuration that was on-display at tonight's CES kickoff event. The laptop's black frame accented by a shiny gold keyboard and hinge - the unique watchband hinge that helps the Yoga live up to its name through convertible contortions.

Due in part to an upgraded chipset, Lenovo's managed get the 900s even thinner and lighter than its predecessor, but the company hasn't sacrificed on its solid, premium feel. The shrinking of the 13-inch touchscreen to a 12.5-incher also helped slim down the laptop's footprint.

It's a really lovely laptop, one that offers a slim and stylish alternative to the MacBook Air, for those those who really want to stick with Windows. And then there's the added touchscreen and stylus functionality.

It all makes for a tempting proposition at $1,099.

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