Huawei's going all out at this year's CES with the launch of several new flagship products, starting with the Mate 8, a six-inch handset featuring some truly high-end specs.

At the center of the device is a high-res six-inch display. Inside, you'll find an octacore processor and a beefy battery that offers 17 hours of video or 28 hours of talk time on a single charge — and there's also some rapid charging on-board for when you run out of juice.

On the center of the phone's back is a fingerprint sensor the company promises with offer up more security. The indentation also serves as a selfie and call button with a simple touch. Huawei's also offered up some improvements to the speaker and microphone along the bottom of the device for teleconferencing purposes.

The camera's gotten an upgdate here, including a 16 megapixel sensor designed by Sony, along with some new anti-shake technology and improved low-light performance and focus speeds.

The rear of the device is brushed metal and features a curve designed to conform to the hand. Huawei also excitedly announced a new color — Mocha Brown. It is an industry first, according to Huawei — assuming, of course, you don't count the first-generation Zune.

The handset starts at 599 Euros (around $643 USD).

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