Huawei's one of those rare companies that came seemingly out of nowhere (here in the States, at least) and seemed immediately offer up premium products capable of competing head-to-head with big name manufacturers like Samsung and Apple.

But Huawei can also take things too far. Not Vertu too far, mind. Just like sticking a bunch of shiny jewels on the bezel of a device to let you know that the thing is truly, truly premium.

And given that the company is pretty straightforward when it comes to naming conventions, today, it unleashed upon the world the Elegant and Jewel, two fancy new additions to the Huawei watch line.

We took a close look at the Jewel, which, as the name implies, sports a bunch of jewels around its face - 68, for those keeping track home. Swarovski Zirconia - that's faux diamond gemstones.

As with the company's fixation on all things gold-colored, I wasn't particularly taken with the design. Huawei's wearables are some of the most premium Android Wear watches around, and the new designs don't really add all that much to the proceedings, particularly all of those gems. 

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