Samsung kicked off today's big pre-CES press conference by announcing a whole bunch of new   TVs.  The stars of the show were a new line of SUHD sets, which feature 10-Bit Quantum Dot Displays capable of showing off one billion colors and ultra dark blacks designed to show up in well-lit rooms.

More impressive is the complete lack of bezels on the sets. These TVs are pretty much all dislay.

The new sets will arrive in a variety of sizes, ranging from a paltry 49 inches to 88 inches (now that's more like it). The sets will, naturally, be a part of Samsung's SmartTV ecosystem. No word yet on pricing or availability, but I'd start saving up those pennies if I were you. 

The company also unannounced the upcoming launch of the UBD-K8500, Samsung's first Ultra HD Blu-Ray player, offering four-times the resolution of standard Blu-ray players. Users can pre-order the player now or buy it straight out in March.

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