This is definitely the first time I've been able to say this at CES this week, but the following product actually made its debut on a fashion runway back in September, but here it is, and it's definitely sufficiently strange to warrant a writeup.

The Adrenaline is result of a collaboration between Intel and fashion designer Chromat created give a view of what smart clothing might look like in the future. If they get their way, we'll all be walking around the streets looking like a bunch of Blade Runner butterflies.

The dress is 3D printed and features two latticed wings on he back that are powered by Intel's Curie Module, raising and falling in response to the wearer's temperature, stress levels, and adrenaline - sort of a "back away, can't you see my giant 3D printed bat wings are raising" dealie.

The dress presents an interesting example of biomimicry, echoing the sort of fight or flight responses many animals exhibit in the wild. I'm going to ask the company if they'll print me up a pair of wings to help me get through next year's CES

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